My Cooking and His Eating Blunder

Here’s  a photo taken few days ago, I asked him to take photo of me and here’s the result. Smile! He just love playing around every time I ask him to take a photo of me.

Nothing to post, its a wordless Wednesday. I cooked spaghetti today for my meal, Pookie bear used some sauce to his eggs. As I am frying some eggs, I was surprised when the oil spark or whatever you may called it so I dropped some white eggs to the pasta, later on when Pookie bear ate he is preparing a serving of his rice when he accidentally flicked the  spoon and  your guess as good as mine he also drop some rice in the floor. He sounds angry when I asked him what happened, he thought I am going to “scold” him (lol), anyway when I told him what I did to his fried eggs, he didn’t scold me he just laugh and told me he knows it because his fried egg is quite smaller than usual, I added two egg whites but maybe what I drop into my pasta is more than two egg whites. I boiled some water to wash my pasta it might get spoiled with the egg whites eh. We’re both clumsy today huh?

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