Chicken Cooked in Coconut Milk with Okra

Cooking is one of the things I enjoy the most when I have plenty of time, but now a days, I seldom cook at home because today, it is my younger sister’s duty to cook at home, it has been the norm since I left the house for another life many years ago.

It was been years, so what’s ironic, how your family forget that you know how to cook and you was the one who cooked for them way back then.  I am flabbergasted every time my mother will tell people that I don’t know how to cook, so I have reminded her every now and then that I know how to cook and if I don’t know how to cook, who cooked their food way back then when my younger sister was still little? I reminded her again and again, that the spaghetti recipe that my sister is cooking when there is occasion was from me.  Then she will rephrase it that I am lazy to cook that she starved when she is left in my care, I guess she called it starving when I order food she like in a restaurant instead of cooking late, that I gave her money to buy snacks in town in her gladness.

[Forgot to make it presentable before snapping a photo]

Anyway, two days ago my sister wasn’t able to cook the viand because she is running late in her work. With this, she left the cooking to us, to me. It was nearing lunch so I started cooking, and your guess is right as mine. My mother went to the kitchen instructing me what to do, so I stopped, and told her I know what I am doing, she should stop teaching me so she left.

Lunch time. My mother keeps complaining that my cooking was too oily but as I can see she enjoys it, my father says maybe I cooked it for too long but he didn’t complain with the  taste, he ate a lot too. I told them, the coconut we’ve used is quite old and that viand was cooked differently from the normal “Filipino Chicken Curry

My brother in-law was being silent, but as what I am seeing he is enjoying the food because he ate  a lot, maybe because it was cooked differently from the cooking he used to know growing up, he is the one who finishes the viand and my sister even blurted out when she came home from work that he seems enjoys it.

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Chopsuey with Chicken Liver

One of my favourite vegetable dishes to eat is Chopsuey, it was a Chinese cuisine adopted by the Filipinos.  We have been planning to prepare this dish for dinner but we always forget to buy chicken liver in the local market.


When we are finally able to buy the missing ingredients, we had it. Instead of buying vegetables separately we bought mixed vegetables for chopsuey for P10.00 per plastic, it was already expensive compare those times where they only cost P5.00 per plastic.

Cooking chopseuy at home is easy as 1, 2, 3


Mixed vegetables (carrots, cabbage, beans and spinach), chicken liver, oil, onion, garlic, salt


  1. Saute the garlic and onion
  2. Put-in the chicken liver and let cook for few minutes
  3. Add the mixed vegetables, cover the pot and fry for 5 minutes or until vegetables are cooked
  4. Add cup of water and bring to a boil and let it simmer,
  5. Sprinkle salt to taste
  6. Serve hot. Share and Enjoy!
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The Benefits of Induction Cooking

 If you are a budding chef, induction cookware and stoves provide a marvelous way for you to prepare food without the hassle of traditional heating elements. A stove equipped with induction elements uses magnetic waves to heat solid metal cookware, providing safer and more exact means to cook your food. Rachael Ray® cookware is a common brand of induction cookware, but other companies are producing these types of pots and pans, and older cast iron cookware work as well.

Induction Cooker

Induction heat cookware is typically made from pure, unalloyed metals, though induction steel cookware has become more common in recent years. Rachael Ray steel cookware is one brand that uses the superior strength and lightness of steel to trump traditional cast iron cookware. When selecting this kind of cookware, make sure that it is labeled as induction compatible. Older cast iron pots and pans respond to induction, while aluminum or copper cookware typically does not. Regardless of the composition, induction cooking is superior to other traditional heating options. An induction element heats the entire pan evenly and quickly, allowing you to have greater control over how your food is cooked. Moreover, induction elements do not become hot, so when the stove is turned off there is no risk of burns or fire.

Due to their convenience and safety, induction stoves and cookware are the option of choice in upscale kitchens, though with dropping costs they are becoming very popular with chefs on a budget too. As a developing chef, you should carefully consider these technologies when designing or upgrading the kitchen equipment.

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Grilled Marinated Steak

We grilled steak last Friday after getting a good deal in the nearby supermarket.  When I am done grilling all the steak for my husband I marinated my steak on soy sauce, salt, sugar and little bit of water , I just add salt on the steak that I am already grilling so it has something to taste.

Grilled Steak

My husband laughed on what I did because the meat should be marinated longer before cooking it but mine is on the spot marination. It didn’t turn bad anyway,  I grilled mine longer too unlike my husband steak which is grilled medium rare.

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Busy Life and Unhealthy Eating

I finally moved out from level 65 in Candy Crush Saga but was stuck again in level 70. I don’t why I still keep playing this game when I know that instead of relaxation it is adding more stress to me.

Egg Slicer, Egg, Hard Boiled, Shell, Food, Protein

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Anyway as I am quite busy online I forgot to eat my dinner again, left no choice as my husband already ate the left over dumplings I boiled two eggs and eat with rice. My husband was disgusted when I pour oil and dashed of salt on my rice, he says I am going to get higher cholesterol level and possibly heat attack from my unhealthy eating.

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Kimchi A Lot of Work

It is been few months already since we bought Kimchi from the supermarket but since last week we started to buy and eat Kimchi again.  So in short my cooking escapades in our kitchen rolled again, you know frying eggs with kimchi or fried rice and etc.

Just tonight I just finished cutting the kimchi into pieces which is required hard work (lol) what I mean lot of work, need to clean the kitchen for the splattered Kimchi juice, wash the dishes and the Kimchi bag before throwing it in the garbage. If I am not going to wash it the whole apartment will stinks like Kimchi.

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Busy Tweaking Images for Blog Themes

Hi guys, so sorry if I am not updating here lately. I am so busy these past few days and I seldom update blog nor open Facebook and my email account, we are heading to Mongolia this Friday that’s why I need to tweak all the images that I can tweak before we left as my Adobe trial is expiring soon. So I stopped tweaking or doing some makeover for a while I will continue on August after our vacation,  I am eyeing on preparing a schedule posts, so another task I have to make before Friday comes.

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Well, I cooked chicken tid bits a while ago I mean chicken breast that cut into pieces but someone took my place in the kitchen as he gets annoyed because I didn’t follow his instructions as he said , that is to cut the chicken to small pieces, smaller pieces to him is more smaller than I did, haha.  Better luck next time!

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Designing Blogger Themes for Free and Grilling Chicken Breast

After I lost my writing career online errr I mean opportunities on writing blogs since my blog with PR was deleted and I didn’t received any writing offer I don’t earn anymore, I eventually published my old post from my deleted blog to my blogs which are distribute according to categories so don’t be startled if you think you already read them, they are scheduled post which is so good that I did because I am quite busy these past few days not on writing article but on tweaking templates.

Yes, I design themes for free at first but my friend keep telling me to ask for fee, so I eventually did and the blessings keep pouring, I don’t know if I can make them all. Charot!  Oh well, as I would like to tell story how do I started with this, its not the day for being nostalgic, so I hope I could post on Thursday.

If before I wake up two o’clock in the afternoon now I have to wake up at 10 o’clock in the morning just to continue dropping EC to my frequent visitors,  if before I just log-in to Facebook once to twice a day now I don’t log-in at all, so if you wish to contact me just email me because I also seldom open blogs, haha.


By the way, I am quite busy today. Pookie bear is really annoying sometimes because when he knew you are busy he will make you more busy, instead of frying the chicken breast without oil I have to grill it with the electric grill, it would be fine if I am not going to clean the grill,. so it took me long time to clean the kitchen.

Haist,  just wanna say thank you to Ate Vernz for the untiring support for promoting my designs to her community (I owe you one!) ,  haha and to everyone who promoted it as well, too many to mention you know who you are my heartfelt thank you, I really need bread  as this moment because my father has no job so my mother asked me if I already earned from writing articles, if you don’t know yet all my earnings were send home, so far in my two years of existence in blogging world I earn $300 and a few, lol. So small but its better to have something than nothing, right?

Last Sunday, June 12 is my father’s birthday (Happy Birthday again tay!)  and as usual it is just a normal day. Independence day bring memories to me because  once upon a time I went to school with bruises and marks,   do I need to blame the Philippine miniature flag? Haha!

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My Version of Sisig

As I am blog hopping today I just felt dizzy then I suddenly remember I am not eating yet,  so I immediately get up the bed and find something to cook in the fridge. What I found is 184g of pork, so  I fried it with its natural oil and chopped some onions, I made my own version of Sisig. Mixing the meat with lazy lime, black pepper, soy sauce  and a little dashed of salt. My grandfather usually prepare Sisig way back then when he is still alive to be there “pulutan” as a child I love tasting what older people eat even sometimes they’re going to tell me, it is not allowed for kids and it will makes me sick.

If you don’t know yet according to Wikipedia  Sisig is a Kapampangan term which means “to snack on something sour”. It usually refers to fruits, often unripe or half-ripe, sometimes dipped in salt and vinegar. It also refers to a method of preparing fish and meat, especially pork, which is marinated in a sour liquid such as lemon juice or vinegar, then seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices. That’s why its popular to Tarlac, because it was originated in Central Luzon.

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Yummy Kimchi Fried Rice

This is my meal the other night, Kimchi Fried Rice. It’s been a while since I ate this fried rice so I decided to make one for me after preparing Pookie bear’s meal. Well I also cooked sauteed squash in soy sauce yesterday, there’s a bit left hopefully I can finished it before it get spoiled.

My ingredients:

Rice, kimchi, garlic, onion, salt, oil and eggs

  • Saute the garlic and onion
  • Put the kimchi, mixed it with the onions and garlic and cooked for few minutes
  • Add the rice (steamed) and mix it all together
  • Then add eggs continue mixing it like frying a normal fried rice
  •  Seasoned it with salt to taste
  • Serve hot.
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