Christmas Donuts from Dunkin Donuts

Donuts are considered as one of the comfort food by most individuals, the glazed the chocolate flavor is very appetizing.  They mostly come in different color, size, shape and flavors. When I went to Dunkin Donuts few weeks ago I was overwhelmed seeing different flavors and color in the display case, so I shopped one each design and flavor.

Christmas Donuts

What attracts me the most is the Christmas design donuts (photo above), they are very colorful and attractive. They cost a bit more than the normal design donuts.

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Snowy Adventure in Icheon Downtown

When I went out last Wednesday to workout in the nearby M2 gym I was surprised to see snow in the ground and even blurted about not knowing that there is snow fall.  My husband who’s with me told me it snowed at night which I regret because I was not able to see the first snow fall this year.

So when it snowed yesterday, I didn’t let go of the chance not taking photos of the ground.  When my husband go to school, I walked with him thinking he can snapped few photos of me in the snow but I was not lucky because he was in hurry. So I just snapped photos around and went to bus stop, I went to downtown to buy frozen chicken breast at the Korean Mart.

Icheon Park

Instead of going down in the bus station stop I went down at Miranda Hotel and walked to the nearby park to take some photos and have some adventure. I walked around for few minutes before walking down to the bus terminal.

The snow fall was heavy, every one around me has umbrella and all I got is a camera.  I went directly to Korean Mart to buy the chicken and went straight to bus stop, while waiting I decided to buy  잉어빵 (Bungeoppang) it is a sweet snack sold in the street in the shape of fish (carp), made of flour and bean paste. While waiting I tinker my phone and got an email from my husband telling me to buy donuts from Dunkin Donuts if I am still in downtown and if I am already at home ignore it.  So I waited until I got my order and walk back to bus terminal, there’s a Dunkin Donuts in the terminal it is nearer to buy there than going to the Dunkin Donuts near Watsons.


When I went inside the Dunkin Donuts I was overwhelmed because they have a lot of flavors unlike the one near Watsons where they only have few flavors and it is always the same thing every time I visited the shop. I immediately took a tray and started to pick the donuts I desired. My husband asked me to buy a dozen but I bought 6 more additionally using my own money of course, my husband will not be happy if I go overboard on what he asked.

Dunkin Donuts Icheon Bus Terminal

I went back to bus stop and luckily within few minutes bus #8 arrives, the bus is full and the entire trip is quite slow because of the snow in the road.

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Napoli Pizza and Donuts from Dunkin Donuts

While I am making an entry on my travel blog my husband told me he is craving for pizza so I stop for a while and asked him for money.  He think twice if he want one or not then he asked me what do I like for sweets from the bakery or donuts from Dunkin Donut, I chooses donuts even though I am craving for chocolate muffin because it’s been a long time since I ate donuts unlike the sweets from bakery we ate them most of the time.

 I first went to pizza school and ordered Pepperoni Cheesy crust and one Napoli Pizza my favorite. I don’t like cheesy crust so I just ordered mine plain, after paying my order I went out the pizza parlor and went ahead to Daiso I didn’t spend much longer because I have something else to do aside from buying pizza. I just bought few items and headed to Dunkin Donuts.

There’s few people inside the donut shop I just went directly to the donut shelves and pick the donut I like using their tray and tongs then pay in the counter. When I went out I am in thoughts if I am going to Watsons which is just beside Dunkin Donuts, well I went inside anyway despite the warning thoughts in my mind. I just bought few chocolate and a nose strip which I don’t know if I am going to use it.

The yellow donut in the top is steamed cheese donut I think it is their new flavor and variety. I pick the triple chocolates  donut as well and few more other flavor which I cannot remember the name., Lol!

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A Box of Dunkin’ Donuts and a Coffee from a Parent

Yeah right that’s what I got, I feel scared the way my husband knocked on our door, you know it is a knock that scaring someone because sometimes he loves to scare me. I don’t have a plan to open the door but later on his knocks seems so in hurry and when I open the door, he has the box of Dunkin’ Donuts on the other hand and a coffee on the other hand.

It turns out that few of the parents of their students went to school to observe and one of the mother brought a box of Dunkin’ Donuts and a coffee, as Jade is on her diet she told my husband to bring them all and as my husband is on a diet I have all of these. Lol!

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