Snowy Adventure in Icheon Downtown

When I went out last Wednesday to workout in the nearby M2 gym I was surprised to see snow in the ground and even blurted about not knowing that there is snow fall.  My husband who’s with me told me it snowed at night which I regret because I was not able to see the first snow fall this year.

So when it snowed yesterday, I didn’t let go of the chance not taking photos of the ground.  When my husband go to school, I walked with him thinking he can snapped few photos of me in the snow but I was not lucky because he was in hurry. So I just snapped photos around and went to bus stop, I went to downtown to buy frozen chicken breast at the Korean Mart.

Icheon Park

Instead of going down in the bus station stop I went down at Miranda Hotel and walked to the nearby park to take some photos and have some adventure. I walked around for few minutes before walking down to the bus terminal.

The snow fall was heavy, every one around me has umbrella and all I got is a camera.  I went directly to Korean Mart to buy the chicken and went straight to bus stop, while waiting I decided to buy  잉어빵 (Bungeoppang) it is a sweet snack sold in the street in the shape of fish (carp), made of flour and bean paste. While waiting I tinker my phone and got an email from my husband telling me to buy donuts from Dunkin Donuts if I am still in downtown and if I am already at home ignore it.  So I waited until I got my order and walk back to bus terminal, there’s a Dunkin Donuts in the terminal it is nearer to buy there than going to the Dunkin Donuts near Watsons.


When I went inside the Dunkin Donuts I was overwhelmed because they have a lot of flavors unlike the one near Watsons where they only have few flavors and it is always the same thing every time I visited the shop. I immediately took a tray and started to pick the donuts I desired. My husband asked me to buy a dozen but I bought 6 more additionally using my own money of course, my husband will not be happy if I go overboard on what he asked.

Dunkin Donuts Icheon Bus Terminal

I went back to bus stop and luckily within few minutes bus #8 arrives, the bus is full and the entire trip is quite slow because of the snow in the road.

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Dirty Snowy Streets and Careless Drivers

After  a long weekend we are back to the gym, its quite cold today maybe because it snowed last night. While walking in the street we are almost hit by a car trying to pull back, it seems the driver didn’t see us. So my husband knock to his door and tell him what he almost hit us particularly me who just happened to step forward. My husband told him to look at his side mirror before pulling back and as usual they didn’t understand each other, one is talking in English and the other one is in Hangul. It turns out the car is new and the driver is just learning on how to drive. We just walk away after my husband irk his anger.

All drivers should always check their mirror when driving, you may never know you already hit someone especially on this bad weather and dark evening.

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Enjoying the Snow in Korea

As of four o’clock in the afternoon there is a snow fall here in our place, I’ve been waiting for it because there’s already snow fall in Seoul but here it is still sunny. Then as I am working in front of my computer our room turns dark so I turn on the light and decided to cook rice , lunch  as well and when  I peep  in our window Yay, it is snowing. The excited me went out with my shorts and thin shirt without a slippers. Lol,  I didn’t even take time to get my slippers in the cabinet because I was such in a hurry. my feet cannot take the cold anymore I went inside and look for my sweater and grab my slippers in the cabinet. and I decided to shot a photo of me in the middle of the snow forget about the noodles I am boiling I’m busy on what I am doing.

Then returned again inside our apartment and cracked some eggs, Pookie bear will not be happy if he found out I did not cook his meal. After it, went outside again, now wearing a winter jacket and shoes. I left the noodles in the pot, the two locals working on the next apartment look at me maybe wondering if it is my first time to see snow. Lol!

Just so lucky that this metal thing is in front of our apartment so I was able to set the timer of my camera and take photo of myself. Hehe..when I returned inside our apartment the noodles for my pancit canton was not good to eat anymore, it is too sticky and wet. Now this is how it looks like after the snow. Scroll down..

Just kidding, this is how it looks like in Canada right now. My mother-in law send this pic to Pookie bear and it was send to me after wards.  My MIL says classes were postponed because some of the roads are not working, blocked by snow. As I look at the above photo it feels like your are living in an Igloo because snow is more than half of your house. This is just a two days snow how much more one week?

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