Bopis Sauteed with String Beans

One of the food I bought in the Filipino supermarket in Hyehwa is  Bopis it  is a spicy Filipino dish of pork or beef lungs and heart sautéed in tomatoes, chilies and onions, but the bopis I bought was not that good nor spicy.  It was quite different from the bopis I have eaten already, this one is more oily and buttery and the taste is not intense or strong.


I have kept the bopis in the freezer as I have no desired of wasting it. I have decided to saute it with onions and garlic and add string beans and ladies finger which are quite old already.

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My Own Version of Afritada

This is my own version of Afritada, if you have read my blog about the green peas that I bought for 5,000 won  instead  of 3,000 won this is how I cooked  it. As tomato ketchup is not present on our kitchen I just used fresh tomatoes we still have three pieces of tomatoes in the fridge that time.

Anyway this are my ingredients:

  • Meat (Pork), Potatoes, Green Peas, Tomatoes, Vineger, Salt, Water, Pepper, Onions and Garlic


My Procedure:

  1.  I first boiled the pork in  cup of water and vinegar then I removed the pork from the soup
  2. In a clean pan/skillet I saute onion and garlic, when it is brown I added the sliced tomatoes
  3. Afterwards when the tomatoes are partially cooked I added the pork, mixed it and cooked it for few minutes
  4. Then I add the soup where I boiled the pork, I simmer for few minutes and I added more water
  5. To taste I added salt and pepper
  6. When it is starting to boil I add the green peas and lastly the potato and let it cooked until its ready


Well that’s how I cooked my own version of Afritada though it looks like Mechado because of the green peas, haha. It is so yummy and I am craving for this food now. You should try to experiment in your food, on the available ingredients you have in your kitchen. You maybe never know what does it taste like unless you cook it.


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