Buying Green Peas at Icheon Public Market

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Last week when I went out to buy something for home, Pookie bear told me to look for beans in Kim’s Club but before going to the supermarket  I decided to walk in the town market to see if there’s beans, I saw an old woman selling something like beans so after going to Kim’s Mart to buy some supplies I return to the place where I saw the old woman, I don’t have a plan to buy but the way the old woman looks like she is so sad and lonely, like business is not good that day as I don’t see anyone stopping and buying something, so I stop in her front and pointed the beans which is green peas by the way and asked how much, she said “Samcheon” but as I don’t know how to speak Korean and I cannot understand anything, I gave him 5,000 won ($4.62) , then asked her if it is enough or right, I don’t know if she understand me or not but she wave her hand like telling me its okay and I can go away now, anyway as I am not really sure I waited for few seconds  to give me change but as what I can see she slowly put the money so I said to myself maybe I have no change, so I walked out and she never called me to give a change or something.


When I reached home, I feel like the green peas is quite expensive for 5, 000 won so I went to Google translator and translate the monetary amount English to Google, and there I found out Samcheon is 3,000 won ($2.77). Lol! Then Pookie bear who just came out from the bathroom asked me what did I bought. I said I bought a green peas aside from the items he told me to buy, he gets little angry as I didn’t follow our rules again not to buy items not on the list, he added he told to look for beans and not buy green peas,  I replied I feel pity at the old woman so I bought something to her.  He asked me how much is it, I told him the woman says “Samcheon” but I gave her 5,000 won. He laughed after hearing it and says I feel pity but the old woman ripped me off, lol.

To make it short, I pay for the green peas from my allowance he don’t want to shoulder it as it is my fault and it is not in the list and I am the one who bought it and I am the one who will eat it.  So I eventually paid, I didn’t think any bad thoughts about the money but had a slight thoughts that maybe she really ripped me off, anyway I just told myself maybe the old woman thought what I am saying to her is, I am giving her a tip as we cannot understand each other. So next time I guess I should learn how to say to numbers, price, amount in local language. Anyway as the Bible says if you do good things to others God will bless you it means  it is a good Karma but I don’t know if I do a good thing,  I feel blessed these past few days, I  am quite busy designing WordPress Theme, I got a direct advertiser on my site and now I have a page rank.  Thank you Lord!

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2 Responses to “Buying Green Peas at Icheon Public Market”

  1. anne says:

    wow congratulations in your PR Hyeanne

  2. Tina says:

    we are all happy with the recent pr updates. The blogs that you designed got PR 2 as well.. kaya swerte ako sayo! 🙂

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