A Good Friday Service: God’s Greatest Sacrifice

There is devotional service and film showing at the church today for Good Friday but since there is a black out after a fire ignite somewhere there was no film showing. I have no plans to go to church because I didn’t like the idea that there will be no meditation and bible service but I went when the power didn’t come back even though it will be so hot inside the church without the electric fans running.

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Pastor E scriptural topic for Good Friday service is about God’s Greatest sacrifice, He sacrifice His life to clean us from our sins, His blood wash all our sins. God’s Sacrifice is greatest because His life in all aspect is very precious, His divine fullness is overflowing and His sacrifice is all sufficient.

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Have a Blessed Good Friday!

Have  a blessed Good Friday everyone, had nothing to do tonight my internet is kind of slow I don’t if it is the result of raining here in the morning or any other factors with our internet provider. Well as usual when I weigh myself instead of losing weight I am gaining weight, I am trying to change my diet but sometimes I really can’t do it, I skip meal or forgot to eat one meal and when I eat it is food for two or might be three.

Been doing fine lately with my cold hands and feet since I took iron supplement, I also feel energized going to the gym, well there’s only few people in the gym tonight probably because it is Friday and everyone is having their rest or we are just too early for are work-out.  I seldom update this blog here, there are times I want to join meme and I am already looking for a photo to share but I just don’t feel like posting it or I don’t know, I had a TV show marathon these past few days while blog hopping or clicking my click sites.

Writing articles is quite slow lately, no opportunities to grab so I can write. Help anyone, can you suggest a good paying paid to write sites?

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