JC Burgers at Traveler’s Bar and Grill (Bundang)

Sorry guys for not responding or visiting your comments these past two days, I am quite busy and feeling sick. I have to do it tomorrow. We have sleep early last Friday so I only have short time to update online, anyway “we sleep early” as we have planned to visit Seoul the next day.

So went to Seoul yesterday (Saturday) darn there’s a lot of locals going to Seoul so it took us one hour before we can take a bus amidst the long line, we first went to Hongdae to the travel agency so they can apply for Mongolian visa for Pookie bear which I don’t need, I am free to enter Mongolia without visa but Canadian  is not free and then took the subway to Itaewon to shop, but the fickle minded me didn’t find anything I like as they are so expensive for my standard so we just ended buying a new pair of shoes for Pookie bear, then after it we took the subway again to Bundang line (Seohyeon) so we can eat our late lunch,  very far huh? Well it’s Pookie bear’s birthday and he chooses Traveler’s Bar and Grill  in Bundang as treat for his self us and as he is drooling to triple JC burger, a six patties of meat. We are almost lost because according to the information he got online the location can be found in exit 6 but subway has no exit 6, just up to 5, then we find out exit 6 of the mall, and you can be there by exiting at exit 3 and 4 of the subway.


Double JC Burger

So after being lost we finally found it, actually he found it as I didn’t see it well their name is too small and I missed it by just looking at the big streamers in the building, it is located in the third floor so we took the elevator., to cut the story short we ordered the double JC burger for me and triple for him, he beat that if I can eat all of it he will buy me a new laptop, so I said prepared my new laptop already. Well so sad I lost I just ate single JC burger and stop, I am too darn full to eat more. I feel sick looking in the burger patties, I can’t chew it anymore once I did it feels like I am going to throw it up. It is so cheesy and so fatty.  He said that I have to remember that eyes is bigger than the stomach, anyway he continue eating his triple JC burger until the last part of it and he almost puke, so full. We drink 5 glasses of coke, and one glass of water, I had my left over put to box, the funny thing is before Pookie bear can finished his burger the waitress who is serving us already finished her duty, so we are not able to give her a tip. Yeah, he took two hours and twenty minutes to finish 3 lbs. of beef, 24 strips of bacon, fries and 6 slices of cheese.


Triple JC Burger (collapsed)

After it we return to the subway but before taking a train we bought a box of Krispy Creme, when we reached Express Bus Terminal it is already 8:30 in the evening and all the bus tickets are sold out, so we run like hell back to the subway to go to another bus station which is  in Gangbyeon, we are almost lost where to transfer even we are holding an old torn map of Seoul subway from the fliers of Indian restaurant in Itaewon maybe because we are in panic, it already happened to us that we didn’t get any bus to both stations. While in the train I have told Pookie bear it looks like buying  Krispy Creme is not good idea because the first time we buy Krispy Creme we also don’t get a bus, so it is just a repeat of the first incident. Anyway when we reached Gangbyeon we really walked so fast together with other people and the funny thing is when we purchased the bus ticket there’s only one word came to the lips of all the other locals in the ticket windiw “Icheon”, nyay that means those people didn’t get a bus ticket too in Express Bus.

Inside the bus the sick feeling I feel get worst maybe because I have rested my body from the worry of not getting a bus to go home, as we reached home (10:30 in the evening) after shower my minor headache became worst and my lower left abdomen is aching thinking I just drink a lot of coke, I drink plenty of water but still my headache is killing me, the last time I got this severe headache,  when we are in Incheon Airport departing to China where I ate burgers too, from Mcdonalds. I rested for a while as I can’t look in the front of my computer  but it doesn’t help, headache plus the feeling of vomiting is killing me.  So I have no choice but to withdraw all the food I ate, excused me to say this but I vomited all the food I ate, when I went out the bathroom, Pookie bear says I just wasted his money (lol) then he laugh afterwards asking me if I am feel better.  Well yes, I feel better after I throw up all the food I ate, my headache is gone but I feel very hungry as this moment as my stomach is empty.

I don’t know but it looks like burger makes me sick, I have food intolerance with burger.  So burger is now out of my list for a long time, actually I am not eating burger since the last incident in Incheon Airport but my eyes is soooo hungry. I will reply and visit you tomorrow, its already 4:14 in the morning here (Sunday), I need some sleep.

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Applying a Tourist Visa in Bangladesh Embassy, Seoul

I am tired that’s all I can whine today. I only sleep five(5) hours, I wake up very early in the morning waiting for the alarm clock to ring but it does not happened after few minutes. Darn there’s no used setting an alarm clock if I wake up before  the clock do its job.  Around 6:15 in the morning we are already outside walking on snowy street I almost slide two times, the sky is still dark and I guess everybody is still sleeping because there’s only two or three people in the street and it is all empty, we saw one videoke bar which is still open and there are people and we heard someone singing. We arrived the bus station around 6:30, Pookie bear was a little pissed off tickets are all sold for the early trip, the available bus will be at 8:00 in the morning. We need to be at the Bangladesh Embassy as early as we can because the embassy office hours is between 9:30 and 11:30 in the morning.

If we will take the eight o’clock bus will going to arrived Seoul after one hour or it depends because the road has ice. Then it will take us another one hour to take the subway and walk up to the embassy it is okay if Pookie has no class this afternoon but he has, he just told her co-teacher that he might be late and not absent. So as we walking on the bus terminal, Pookie bear found a bus with a tag EAST SEOUL, so he thought taking a chance to take that route, so we went back to the ticketing office to ask. Anyway its on the other ticketing office so we need to walk back and fourth to buy and return the old ticket after wards. Well still a lucky day, the new bus left anytime so as we are standing a new bus arrived.  Just in nick of time its full, we left the terminal at 7 o’ clock in the morning and arrived in East Seoul around 8:15 AM. We transfer to another building and took the subway. We arrived at the Bangladesh Embassy 30 minutes earlier with their office hours, the officer entertained us even they are still close he look on our documents if it is complete or not. After it he instructed us to pay for the processing fee at KEB bank while waiting for the embassy to open its window for visa or passport applicants.

Thanks to the officer instruction and we found the bank, anyway we I also asked one of the sweeper in the area where is KEB bank I just show him the deposit slip. So done paying the processing fee, what we need now to have a photocopy of our ARC and Travel Itinerary. We’ve went inside the Capital Hotel and luckily they offered that serviced, so we found ourselves inside the Bangladesh embassy again waiting for our time to submit our documents, the window is busy serving another applicant. Then done documents are submitted we I need to return on Tuesday to pick-up our passport.

After it I am running like in marathon just to walk with Pookie bear, he walked so fast. We took the subway again and went to the Express Bus Terminal, the terminal for the 8 o’clock bus. The terminal is so big that we get lost even we always ride a bus there, anyway I am the one to blame because I am the guide. instead of going out I took him on the 4th or 5th floor by escalator. Hehehe, I just told Pookie bear I am sleepy and hungry lol. We had an eleven o’clock bus, while waiting for the bus to arrived I bought some gimbap rolls and water, when I have to pay for my water darn it is so expensive W1,800 for one normal bottle so I have to ask for another one thousand won from Pookie bear. I am busy munching my gimbap rolls when the bus arrive and open its door, as we sat  I open my water..“What kind of water is this, why is it sweet?” Lol, Pookie bear told me if I did  not noticed it is not water, so I look on the bottle and read POCARI SWEET. Pookie bear seconded that’s why it is expensive because it is not water. He told me to get water and I grab this on the fridge because it is the only white drink among the assorted drinks but its not water eh. After one hour and ten minutes we finally arrived at the bus terminal here in our place. Have to walk 15-20 minutes though to get home, on the way home we went inside the super market to buy an olive oil, toothpaste and small package of meat for my food. Done for the day I tried to sleep when we got home but my eyes are wide open, so I just lay and stretch my achy back and now back to blogging after the bear left for school.

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Meeting Emelyn in Seoul

After a short visit with the Bangladesh Embassy we return to subway by walking 20-30 minutes. We went to National Museum of Korea and spend few hours wandering around the artifacts, learning about Korean ancient history and non-stop photo session. After our visit we went to souvenir shop just inside the building, I’ve bough a notebook souvenir items from G20 Seoul Summit, Emelyn bought 4 small boxes of Tangerine Chocolate which she hand  the two boxes to me. We had a lot fun walking around, then we took the subway and had a shirt shopping on the  subway stores, I bought one long sleeve turtle neck shirt and she bought two.

Then we went to Itaewon to eat late lunch, we ate at a Mexican Restaurant its a treat from her. After eating we went to their apartment and Guro and had photo session too. After staying for few minutes I have to go home I will have a long travel by subway and bus. She gave me a bag of goodies and walk with me up to the subway which is around 20 minutes from their apartment I guess. Then we bid goodbye till next meeting, I reach the the bus terminal  around 6:35 PM, and I got a seven o’clock bus. There’s a little traffic so we reached our place around 8:10 in the evening, then I walk home so fast that took me ten minutes only instead of 20 minutes. When I arrived home Pookie bear is making his meal, his first word when I enter the apartment “Will you explain why it took you 12 hours in Seoul”. I just told him I did not catch the six o’clock bus and we went to Emelyn’s apartment anyway he did not ask anymore when he noticed that I left late in the bus station here and arrived the embassy in the mid-afternoon. That means I only have short time with my friend, it was the travel that makes me longer in Seoul. The moment I arrived I just took off my jacket and finished cooking his meal and wash the bunch of dishes in the sink which is empty when I left.

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