Shopping: Nivea on Sale – Extra White

I consider myself as Nivea baby already, most of my personal stuff are Nivea products aside from Dove. Here’s my weekend loot, as expected when ever I visit Watsons I will surely went out the store with a plastic bag on my hand. My plan is just to Nivea roll on because the last time I visit at Watsons it’s a less cheaper than in supermarket, and I was right because there’s a new promo, Nivea roll on + a spray for  $7.00 as I am looking around my eyes caught the word 1+1, so I grabbed Nivea Soft for $5.38, it is a moisturizing cream. Their Nivea Lotion (Moisture) is also on sale, 400ml+250ml for $7.99 I would like to buy one but I have more than five lotions so I just thought it is not that important as this time.

Nivea Sale

Anyway I also bought a Watsons moisturizing hand soap with strawberry and yoghurt extract, I don’t use hand soap except for bath soap so this will be added to my collections.

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Shopping at Watsons for the second time

Yesterday I have blogged about my shopping experience at Watsons well you know me one is not enough so last night I returned to Watsons and finally take photo of the newly open store. I went out to supermart last night to buy tomatoes and soy milk and then went to Watsons because my sole purpose was to buy M & M’s chocolate because I am saving the first set I have bought for my mother and sister. When I went inside I wander around the shelves and  I decided to buy another Nivea Lotion (Sparkling White), and there I have found out Moisturization lotion is a little expensive the Sparkling white so I just bought the latter again and bought Pantene shampoo because they are buy 1 take 1 too. I also bought a little bottle of Moisturizing and Strengthening Olive Shampoo it is a Watsons Product.

When I pay at the counter the guy gave me free samples, darn when I shopped in the morning they don’t give me anything even my purchased cost a lot than the second time. When I went home I look for the receipt  inside the Watsons bag  but can’t find it. Well maybe they don’t give receipts or their printer is not yet working.

As of now I am going to be grounded for few weeks, no more going out or shopping because I spend all my allowance yesterday. My allowance was saved because Pookie bear gave it to me late, and hey did I tell you I also asked advanced allowance last night so I can buy chocolates?

I have a lot of stuff today but it is not all for me, I am planning to send another sweet box home and I am gonna save for the postal fee sooner or later ..

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