Sinigang na Tilapia in Real Tamarind Soup

Cooking is one of the things I enjoyed the most, I cooked with passion that I can’t leave the food I am cooking even for a few minutes in my mother’s irritation. LMAO

Anyway, I have been cooking for a few days already, and it was only today I decided to share what I have cooked. Contrary to what is normal, where sinigang is usually a pork, I have cooked Sinigang na Tilapia in real raw tamarind fruit today.

Sinigang is a Filipino soup or stew characterized by its sour and savory taste most often associated with tamarind. It is one of the more popular viands in Filipino cuisine, and is related to the Malaysian dish singgang. Wikipedia

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Tamarind Powder Equals Pork Sinigang

I am being busy lately with tweaking my blog, looking for more nice template and etc., this is what I have cooked yesterday, Sinigang ala pobre.  Haha, correction just sinigang (sour soup) I just added  ala pobre because of the poor ingredients. I cooked it with tamarind powder, from the stuff we bought from the Asian store which I am not mistaken last year, just cannot remember what month. As it is there’s only small powder left after I seasoned it I decided to use it  all and the result very sour…yummy!

My ingredients include meat, cabbage, potato and onions. Haha, I use potato instead of gabi, that’s all I got here, I just used the present ingredients what matter most it tasted like sinigang and not nilaga isn’t it? My bowl is quite small so I didn’t put a lot of soup in it.

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