Grilling Bulgogi at Home

My husband and I both love barbecue or grilled meat that’s why we had a electric grill at home. It is more convenient and cheaper than going to barbecue joints/restaurant.  As we are leaving Korea soon I have asked my husband’s permission to send the electrical grill to my family and before depositing it on my box we decided to grill bulgogi on Lunar New Year.

Grilled Bulgogi

We grilled meat in our balcony to avoid smoke and stench inside our apartment.  I just open the window and put the electric grill in top of the washing machine.

Bulgogi is the most popular variety of Korean barbecue. Before cooking, the meat is marinated with a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic, and pepper. It is traditionally cooked using gridirons or perforated dome griddles that sit on braziers, but pan-cooking has become common as well. [source]

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Samgyeopsal – Pork Barbecue

Samgyeopsal is a popular Korean dish, every where you can see barbecue or grill restaurants in Korea. Anyway I didn’t finish the work out I left the gym first so I can go to Noghyup Supermarket and shop for pork meat. I bought 1.5 kilos of meat marinated in soy sauce with carrots and onions.


I barbecued the meat in our balcony, I just opened the window and put the electric grill in top of the washing machine. It took me one hour to barbecue all of them.



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My Version of Sisig

As I am blog hopping today I just felt dizzy then I suddenly remember I am not eating yet,  so I immediately get up the bed and find something to cook in the fridge. What I found is 184g of pork, so  I fried it with its natural oil and chopped some onions, I made my own version of Sisig. Mixing the meat with lazy lime, black pepper, soy sauce  and a little dashed of salt. My grandfather usually prepare Sisig way back then when he is still alive to be there “pulutan” as a child I love tasting what older people eat even sometimes they’re going to tell me, it is not allowed for kids and it will makes me sick.

If you don’t know yet according to Wikipedia  Sisig is a Kapampangan term which means “to snack on something sour”. It usually refers to fruits, often unripe or half-ripe, sometimes dipped in salt and vinegar. It also refers to a method of preparing fish and meat, especially pork, which is marinated in a sour liquid such as lemon juice or vinegar, then seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices. That’s why its popular to Tarlac, because it was originated in Central Luzon.

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Fish For the First Time: Pinangat in Korea

This is my first time to buy, cooked and eat fish in my almost two years stay here in Korea. There are times I think it is very ironic because way back in my old town, I always eat fish  as we are surrounded by water (our province) and I always had a complaint “fish again” as fish is more cheaper than meat.  I think way back then I already cooked different menu for fish so it is not tiring to eat like fried, adobo, paksiw, pinangat, ginata, sinabawan, escabeche and etc., sardines is already included in the term fish huh?

When I went here in Korea I expected I am going to eat more sea foods because it is my favorite, shrimps, clams, squid and more but I am damn wrong, in my first year all I ate is instant food, noodles, instant burger patties, ottogi soup and other food that is unknown to me. Before I spend one year I am so glad that I was able to tasted fresh meat and cooked fresh food, because my previous months was really depressing maybe that’s the reason why I loss weight that time because I just ate noodles plus our rice is also instant, microwave oven was very helpful that time. My husband is even pissed off of me complaining “I have nothing to eat”.

By the way I bought this fish without permission yesterday, I just told him I am going to by beef for my source of iron but since it is kind of expensive I had these fishes which same price of it (lol). When I reached home I cooked it and he was annoyed because he said I told him I am not going to cook it but I am cooking it. He thought I am going to eat the fishes raw with vinegar, we didn’t understand each other when I told him I am going to cook it in vinegar. So he said if the apartment and his clothes stinks I am going to pay, gladly it didn’t not because I turn on the cooking fan and close the bathroom door and open the window as the fan tube or whatever term is passing through our bathroom.

My ingredients:

Fish, onion, garlic, vinegar, salt, water


  • Wash and clean the fish, remove the intestines and gills
  • Put it inside the pot, add vinegar, water and chopped onions and garlic
  • Cooked it and add salt to taste
  • Let it boil until it is cooked and done

In our town they called this recipe as “Pinangat” or “Pangat” which is kind of surprising to me because just add it with ginger we called this “Paksiw” in Tarlac. I think this is far different from the Pinangat of Bicol which is a nice blend of taro leaves, chili, meat and coconut milk wrapped in gabi leaves and tied securely with coconut leaf, commonly called “Laing”  in Manila.

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My Version of Pork Steak

This is what I have cooked today, Filipino style beef pork steak (bistek), as I have only pork in the fridge. It tasted good and it did not last until tomorrow (lol), I have eaten it all in one meal.

My Ingredients
Pork,  kalamansi (lemon),  soy sauce, black pepper, garlic, onions, cooking oil


  • Mixed kalamansi or lemon juice and soy sauce then add pork (beef), garlic and ground pepper. Soak if for few minutes.
  • Light fry the onion rings
  • The fried the pork(beef) until brown and set it aside
  • Then  cook/boil the marinade for 1 minute
  • Arrange beef (pork) slices on a plate. Place the onion rings on top. Pour the sauce over the onions and beef.
  • Served hot
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Pork Nilaga (Nilagang Baboy)

This is my favorite soup, I mean viand “nilagang baboy”, I cooked it last weekend and I just finished it today as I am the only one who’s eating meat. Pookie bear told me that it looks like I put too much water,  I did it intentionally so I can drink a lot of soup which I believed healthy and will give me energy to start my day online.

Nilagang baboy or pork nilaga is easy to cook, all you need to do is boiled the pork and the vegetables together, you don’t need special seasoning, salt and a bit of mono-sodium will do.

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Tamarind Powder Equals Pork Sinigang

I am being busy lately with tweaking my blog, looking for more nice template and etc., this is what I have cooked yesterday, Sinigang ala pobre.  Haha, correction just sinigang (sour soup) I just added  ala pobre because of the poor ingredients. I cooked it with tamarind powder, from the stuff we bought from the Asian store which I am not mistaken last year, just cannot remember what month. As it is there’s only small powder left after I seasoned it I decided to use it  all and the result very sour…yummy!

My ingredients include meat, cabbage, potato and onions. Haha, I use potato instead of gabi, that’s all I got here, I just used the present ingredients what matter most it tasted like sinigang and not nilaga isn’t it? My bowl is quite small so I didn’t put a lot of soup in it.

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Pork Adobo with Potato Overload

Feel so busy today, I cooked my pork adobo. You might be startled why I feel so busy when I am just going to cook meals, Pookie bear eat different meal as he is always on diet during weekdays, so I have two cook three times for him and same with me.  It would be so easy if I can just cooked once  or twice but its not especially Pookie bear’s last meal at night is kind of tiring to cook, Kimchi Fried rice or Kimchi Eggs. More tiring last few months because I have to cook the two meal at night.

So tonight I have cooked my pork adobo I put a lot of potatoes because I like potatoes so much, I only used small drop of sauce on my rice  if you are startled why it doesn’t looks like adobo. Hopefully this viand will last until tomorrow evening so I am not going to fried eggs or anything for me. Haha,

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Mini Pork Cutlet

Most of the foods here in Korea are instant or let me say processed meat but there’s also a lot of fresh meat if you like too. I just fried this packed of mini pork cutlet the other day its been almost two weeks in our fridge but I always forgot to cook it.

It looks like fishball
Yummy to dip in soy sauce

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