Visiting Seoul Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be my first travel to Seoul alone, a test on changing myself to be independent. I almost had a tantrums the other night when my husband told me I need to apply a visa alone to go to Bangladesh but I remember I need to behave and grown up  he can’t go with me tomorrow he has a class to teach.

The Bangladesh embassy  changed the rules in  span of time because the last time we visited the site Filipino doesn’t need a visa to go Bangladesh. So mean, so I’ve contacted Emelyn she’s been asking me for a meet up since the last time we met almost nine months ago, lol. So I think this is the chance to see each other again after a long time of excuses and etc., luckily she just left her job so she is free to walk with me. So tomorrow we will going to find the Bangladesh Embassy in Itaewon then after it visit a museum and visit their nest.

Anyway I am proud of myself because I can now pay the bills alone at the bank without arguing with my husband. Hehehe

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