Take-out from Chai Wok

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We had a take-out of Chinese food from Chai Wok today dunno what comes to my husband mind, he just told me last Friday that his last cheat before our juice fasting is the pizza but he really pig-out. Last night we had ice cream and pre-heated chicken from GS25.


I ordered  set A, which consist of Beijing Style Sweet and Sour Pork with Sweet Potatoes plus Korean Style black noodles, then an order of Chinese Style Noodles of Clean and Light Taste and last but not the least Stir Fried Rice with chicken. I was not able to take a picture of sweet and sour pork when it was full, as my husband already took his share.


I guess it is almost half a year since the last time we ate Chinese food  as we always went for sandwich and cream cakes. And well after taking out Chinese food I went across Paris Baguette to buy some cookies, but I also ended up buying  cup cakes, sort of ice cream cakes and chocolates.


Little that he’d know I pay for the Paris Baguette stuff so he just keep eating the sweet one’ when he asked me if  what do I like  and I say anything, haha. Well, yeah that’s my treat for him desserts not the chocolates though. Haha! Anyway he didn’t eat all of the sweet ones upon knowing I pay for it.

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  1. chubskulit says:

    sarap naman, parang gusto ko na talagang bumalik dyan sa Korea hahaha.

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