Macaroons Mocha Cake from Paris Baguette

After watching the season finale of The American Baking Competition we agreed to have a cake last weekend, we’ve been watching the tv show since it started and we always end up craving for sweets and pastries. Originally I would like to buy chocolate cake but my husband tired of me always buying chocolate cake requested me to have something new so I choose macaroons mocha cake it was bit expensive because it is larger than the others. When my husband saw the cake his first impression is we already have that, well I have no choice because he doesn’t like chocolate cake and I am pretty sure he will not like white chocolate cake, blueberry yoghurt cake or strawberry yoghurt cake and other fruity cake and I didn’t mention anymore that there’s cheese cake.

Macaroons Mocha Cake

Well I am the first one who eat the cake, to enjoy it I also prepare a cup of coffee while watching a local show. The cake was good and the mocha taste was great, love the macaroons as well.

After hours I felt hungry again but I doesn’t like eating cake again because too much sugar already so I ate the left over Bulgogi pizza we had on Friday.  Within just few minutes I had a terrible headache with nausea and I ended up throwing out the food I have eaten. I first believed that my food intolerance strike again, I experience this when I eat food which is not freshly cook or meat that is not fresh.

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Mouthwatering BHC Chicken

My husband and I is craving for chicken last night so we decided to try BHC Chicken, to make sure what we would like to order we look on their menu online. They have plenty of chicken menu compare to other fried chicken establishment, I took picture of the chicken we would like to order so it would be easy for me to tell them what I want to order without looking at their menu board or book.

BHC Chicken

We decided to order two  매운 닭날개 구이.  So when I went to BHC I showed them my camera where I took picture of the menu online aside from it I also ordered 미니콜팝, while waiting I decided to drop by beside the Paris Baguette and bought some sweets including a small cake.

Big Hit Chicken -매운 닭날개 구이

The chicken set includes cola, sauce and preserved raddish as side dish. The chicken we ordered was spicy, if we just know we ordered two different types of chicken.

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Hwatong Chicken and Baguette

We had a little feast last night my husband was craving for chicken so he asked me to buy fried chicken for us, I don’t want to follow at first because we are on a diet but with my husband bothering me and me craving for food I went out, instead of going to Popeyes I went to the new chicken restaurant we saw in the tarpaulin outside Lotte Super and order for take out.

Hwatong Chicken

When I went home my husband asked me where’s the baguette he asked me to buy, honestly I forgot it so I have to return outside. I went to Paris Baguette to buy the bread and other baked goods. Oh well, when we are full “The  diet starts tomorrow” so today is the new start of our juice fasting after cheating for one week eating gimbap, soup and even ice cream. Lol!

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Take-out from Chai Wok

We had a take-out of Chinese food from Chai Wok today dunno what comes to my husband mind, he just told me last Friday that his last cheat before our juice fasting is the pizza but he really pig-out. Last night we had ice cream and pre-heated chicken from GS25.


I ordered  set A, which consist of Beijing Style Sweet and Sour Pork with Sweet Potatoes plus Korean Style black noodles, then an order of Chinese Style Noodles of Clean and Light Taste and last but not the least Stir Fried Rice with chicken. I was not able to take a picture of sweet and sour pork when it was full, as my husband already took his share.


I guess it is almost half a year since the last time we ate Chinese food  as we always went for sandwich and cream cakes. And well after taking out Chinese food I went across Paris Baguette to buy some cookies, but I also ended up buying  cup cakes, sort of ice cream cakes and chocolates.


Little that he’d know I pay for the Paris Baguette stuff so he just keep eating the sweet one’ when he asked me if  what do I like  and I say anything, haha. Well, yeah that’s my treat for him desserts not the chocolates though. Haha! Anyway he didn’t eat all of the sweet ones upon knowing I pay for it.

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Paris Baguette Walnut Pound Cake

Today pookie bear arrived with a blue paper bag from Paris Baguette on his hand, so I am thinking what’s the occasion upon seeing it but I can’t recall anything so I’ve asked him where the present came from. One of the parents of his student gave it to them, because yesterday some of the parents visit the class to observe. When I opened it I found a cake, a Walnut Pound cake to be exact. Pookie bear says it is all mine because he won’t eat it, he is still on diet. Lucky me!

Paris Baguette Walnut Cake

I forgot about this cake until I told him it is cold then he asked me if I turn on the heater I said Yes, he asked me again if I already ate, I replied No. He said I need to eat to make me warm, but I answered I am lazy I have no time to eat. That’s where the time I saw the blue paper bag then I remember this cake, so while writing this post I am eating walnut pound cake with a mocha coffee to drink. The cake taste good, yummy it is sweet but not too much I love the walnut on it. You want some?

Anyway Paris Baguette is one the most popular bakery here in Korea. There is one or more in every corner of a town. There bread and cakes are excellent , they sell everything from bread and donuts, to extravagant cakes and cookies. The price depends on the size and what it is made of, since I arrived here in Korea Paris Baguette is the bakery we trust even thought sometimes we went to a French Bakery which also offer yummy cakes.

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