Hwatong Chicken and Baguette

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We had a little feast last night my husband was craving for chicken so he asked me to buy fried chicken for us, I don’t want to follow at first because we are on a diet but with my husband bothering me and me craving for food I went out, instead of going to Popeyes I went to the new chicken restaurant we saw in the tarpaulin outside Lotte Super and order for take out.

Hwatong Chicken

When I went home my husband asked me where’s the baguette he asked me to buy, honestly I forgot it so I have to return outside. I went to Paris Baguette to buy the bread and other baked goods. Oh well, when we are full “The  diet starts tomorrow” so today is the new start of our juice fasting after cheating for one week eating gimbap, soup and even ice cream. Lol!

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