Lazy Weekend in the Apartment

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I am not around with these blog yesterday, I just don’t feel like blogging anything my lazy mind strikes again. Oh well we sleep five o’clock in the morning today and I wake up at two o’clock in the afternoon, I did not sleep well though I keep waking up and coughing there’s one time too I wake up with my noises, yes dreaming again I cannot remember what is it all about.  While typing this I have not eaten my breakfast yet maybe later, it is holiday on Monday here so if the weather is good we are going to hike again.

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I hope I am going to feel better on Monday because I feel so week yesterday and he even feel angry many times to me for not paying attention spotting him in the gym. Darn it is too hot inside the gym I thought I am going to have a heat stroke, I wonder why they did not run the aircon and just the two big fan maybe saving electricity. Oh well there’s more foreigners in the gym not like before just the two us, there’s around 6 excluding us but I seldom see them now lately. We have no plans for today just be busy in front of the computer again, surfing, blogging, hopping and watching movie.

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