Pepero Chocolates on Pepero Day

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Yesterday was Pepero day here in Korea like what I have said it is similar to Valentines Day where couples exchange pepero sticks or chocolates. My husband came home with premium chocolate sticks from one of his student and pepero’s.

Pepero Chocolates

Early in the morning today I went to Family Mart to buy Pepero because  he is craving for Pepero and  he asked me to treat him, so below was my treat to my husband I bought each type of pepero I saw in the convenient store.

Pepero Chocolates

And this is me with my Pepero loot a long pepero stick, my husband bought it from our favorite bakery in town.  Hmmm, my loot is not that much huh, unlike last year.

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  1. Marms says:

    Looks really yummy. I love chocolates too.

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