Rice, Fried Eggs and Kimchi

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As what I have said to my other blog I am starving myself because of being a picky eater, I usually ate late but its being more late lately, so you are not going to be surprised if I keep telling “I don’t feel well” because I just ate when I my head is already aching (lol), as my Pookie bear always says “You always don’t feel well!” Yeah, right so there’s nothing new about it, I think I have been eating eggs for almost a week, boiled eggs and fried eggs, no scramble eggs so lazy to cut onions and garlic. Haha, what I mean I don’t like it except there’s tomatoes which I forgot to buy the last time we shop.

Maybe you are asking what’s happening to me, all I can say is I am craving for vegetables, pinakbet, ginatang langka, laing, ginisang monggo or ginatan, chopsuey, malunggay, kamote tops, kangkong, oh well I want to eat vegetables especially green leafy vegetables, call me a goat but I love munching leafy vegetables. I also want to eat fresh fish with soup (sinabawan), ginata or paksiw and yeah even prito. I never eat fish here, because Pookie bear don’t like the smell so imagine my food here it is always meat and chicken (because I already retired eating noodles) which we seldom eat in the Philippines, maybe that’s the reason why I weigh too much. I ate vegetables but it is just squash which is too hard to peel, I don’t like their eggplant here it is too old, that the seeds are fully grown up. Ahhh, I missed my vegetarian meal. Someone please  send me a bowl of cooked vegetables kahit saluyot or kangkong pa yan, I am thankful already. He-he

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3 Responses to “Rice, Fried Eggs and Kimchi”

  1. Fishlover says:

    Hi Sis we have a lot of saluyot and kangkong overhere, padalhan kita heheh, anyway bka naglilihi ka na jan ;). Thanks pla for leaving a comment on my blog, see u sometime.

  2. anne says:

    girl unsaon pagluto ang kimchi?

  3. RyHeAnNe says:

    @fishlover Sige kung pwede lang sis, hehe hindi kasi tulad sa pinas kahit sa kanal lang ng palayan may kangkong haha. Hindi pa naman, maybe in the near future pa yon..hehe

    @Ate Anne ay hindi nilutuo kimchi Ate parang salad lang xa tinitimplahan at pinipreserve ba.

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