Kimchi A Lot of Work

It is been few months already since we bought Kimchi from the supermarket but since last week we started to buy and eat Kimchi again.  So in short my cooking escapades in our kitchen rolled again, you know frying eggs with kimchi or fried rice and etc.

Just tonight I just finished cutting the kimchi into pieces which is required hard work (lol) what I mean lot of work, need to clean the kitchen for the splattered Kimchi juice, wash the dishes and the Kimchi bag before throwing it in the garbage. If I am not going to wash it the whole apartment will stinks like Kimchi.

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Our Apartment Stinks Like Kimchi

Today is just another busy day, I wake up at noon time. After earning points on my adgitize account I have to start cooking, yeah right stressing.

Anyway our apartment stench again that I need to close the bathroom door, it seems the people in the second/third floor is making kimchi because it stinks like one. We are on the ground floor so I guess when they washed their dish and the water went to the drain the gas went up. Yesterday it also stinks like garlic and kimchi, then later afternoon I found out that there are people having barbecue party in the garage so probably they prepared kimchi for their barbecue party and washes the dishes today.

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Rice, Fried Eggs and Kimchi

As what I have said to my other blog I am starving myself because of being a picky eater, I usually ate late but its being more late lately, so you are not going to be surprised if I keep telling “I don’t feel well” because I just ate when I my head is already aching (lol), as my Pookie bear always says “You always don’t feel well!” Yeah, right so there’s nothing new about it, I think I have been eating eggs for almost a week, boiled eggs and fried eggs, no scramble eggs so lazy to cut onions and garlic. Haha, what I mean I don’t like it except there’s tomatoes which I forgot to buy the last time we shop.

Maybe you are asking what’s happening to me, all I can say is I am craving for vegetables, pinakbet, ginatang langka, laing, ginisang monggo or ginatan, chopsuey, malunggay, kamote tops, kangkong, oh well I want to eat vegetables especially green leafy vegetables, call me a goat but I love munching leafy vegetables. I also want to eat fresh fish with soup (sinabawan), ginata or paksiw and yeah even prito. I never eat fish here, because Pookie bear don’t like the smell so imagine my food here it is always meat and chicken (because I already retired eating noodles) which we seldom eat in the Philippines, maybe that’s the reason why I weigh too much. I ate vegetables but it is just squash which is too hard to peel, I don’t like their eggplant here it is too old, that the seeds are fully grown up. Ahhh, I missed my vegetarian meal. Someone please  send me a bowl of cooked vegetables kahit saluyot or kangkong pa yan, I am thankful already. He-he

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Chicken Kimchi Stew

As what I have said before I love experimenting with food, these past few days I have been tired eating adobo, chicken or pork. I want to try another dish and we have nothing here but kimchi so I tried to cook chicken and kimchi the other day and the result was great. I’m loving it!

Chicken Kimchi Stew

Pookie bear says it doesn’t look good, so I told him to try it because it tasted good but he won’t do it because he said he is on a diet. After few hours I found two chicken bones in the sink  and then my food container is almost empty, well your guess is right as mine Pookie bear cannot resist the temptation so I told him about his diet he just said he will ate small amount in the evening than the usual amount, he is  also using the soup to his scrambled egg. So as of today I have cooked another chicken kimchi stew and someone’s gonna drool over it. Lol!

My ingredients:

Chicken, Kimchi, Salt, Black pepper, Oil, Onion, Garlic, Water


  • In a  sauce pan or in a pot sauté garlic and onions on cooking oil.
  • Add the chicken to the pan. Friend it a little then add the kimchi and stir.
  • Add water enough for the chicken to boil.
  • Seasoned it with salt and black pepper.
  • Wait until the chicken became  tender.
  • Serve hot with plain rice.
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Radish Kimchi

On over a year staying here in Korea, I am already used with their food. There are days that I am craving for bibimbap but can’t do anything because too shy to go inside a Korean restaurant because until now I am ignorant with their national language, I always told myself to learn it but I am always busy to do so. Maybe I will learned when we are not here anymore in Korea, sarcasm.

Anyway Kimchi is the traditional fermented Korean dish, mostly when people heard kimchi what immediately comes to their mind is cabbage. For your information it has different varieties as what I know there are 100 varieties  of  kimchi.  This one (photo) is my favorite as of now, it is a radish kimchi. Every time I ate I have a side dish of this except with noodles of course. This kimchi is served in cubes that’s why when I want to eat I have to cut it into cubes.

If you want to make your own radish kimchi here’s how:

Cubed Radish Kimchi

1 daikon radish (weighing approximately 1 1/2 lbs.)
Water and kosher salt for brining
2 tsp Korean fine chili pepper powder
1/2 bulb of garlic, finely grated
1 1/2″ fresh ginger, finely grated
4 tsp Korean anchovy sauce
1 1/2 tsp sugar
3 tsp Korean coarse chili pepper flakes
4 scallions, green parts only, sliced into 1″ lengths
1 1/2 tsp rice flour
3/8 C water

  • Fill a big non-reactive bowl (this means no metal!) with cool water and stir in a handful of kosher salt. Peel the radish and cut into 1″ cubes. Put the radish cubes into the brine and leave them there to soak for 20 minutes.
  •  Make rice porridge by mixing the rice flour into the 3/8 C water and bringing it to a boil, at which point it will thicken, then removing it from the heat and setting it aside to cool to room temperature.
  •  Sterilize a jar. (Yeah, this seems kinda silly, but all the recipes I’ve read suggest it, so why not?)
  •  When the radish cubes are done brining, rinse them off with cool water. Mix in the Korean fine chili pepper powder.
  •  Mix all the other ingredients into a paste, then mix them into the radish cubes, making sure that all the cubes are basically smeared all over with this stuff. This is tons of fun to do with bare hands.
  •  Put the whole mess into a jar and screw on the lid. Leave it out at room temperature for about 40 hours, at which point it is ready for eating and should be kept in the fridge henceforth.

Recipe Source: Gothamist

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