Jin Ramen (Mild) Noodles

When I sent balikbayan box at home I included noodles, I saw them on sale in the supermarket and I have thought of buying and when my family received the box I sent home. My sister told me that the noodles was not that spicy and it taste good and flavorful so they asked me to sent more whenever I sent a new box.

Jin Ramen (Mild) Noodles

Wanting to try it I also bought Jin Ramen noodles for me to try at home, it was not really that spicy like I have thought when you use the exact water of 550ml.

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The Popularity of Korean Instant Noodles

Eating instant noodles developed a negative image over the years. It could be either unhealthy habit or has a bad effect to individual’s health because of too much sodium and preservatives. I do sometimes disregard this information because eating instant noodle is one of the convenient way to eat your meal without cooking or too much preparation. All you need is to boil hot water and fill in the noodle cup and let it sit for few minutes and voila meal is ready!

Korean Ramen

In Korea instant noodles, Ramyeon is a very popular food, snack. You can find different flavors of noodles from convenient stores to supermarket, from spicy to non-spicy noodles. When I first arrived in Korea instant noodles is the only food I ate along with rice because I was not accustomed with their food like Kimchi and gimbap.  I didn’t like the smell of gim in my food and the taste of kimchi.

As the day goes by, eating Korean food became so easy and I was able to cook Filipino food as well when we moved to a new apartment but still time to time I eat instant noodles to fed my hunger for soup but this time I already knew which soup is spicy and not.

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Korean Instant Noodles and Liquid Yoghurt

I was so hungry the other day but too lazy to cook so I went down to Homeway to buy instant noodles. I was a little bit hesitant on what noodles should buy because I can’t read Hangul and I don’t want to buy spicy food. To make the story short I just get two noodles which I think not too spicy to eat, after paying the owner told me to wait and he handed two liquid yoghurt for free.

Instant Noodles

Not sure what’s the freebie for maybe the owner feel pity on me (haha). Yeah right I went down without combing my hair nor changing my home clothes which are faded and a little big for me. Hehe

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Noodles and Bread my Instant Meal

Being busy online leaves me no choice but to eat food that are easy to prepare and cook. So I often eat noodles, boiled or fried egg, fried spam and even sometimes instant meal. This is my meal the other night noodles and bread, it brings back memories because we typically eat noodles and bread during rainy season or breakfast.

Noodles and Bread

I remember every morning eating noodles with egg and rice before going to school. That’s what my mother normally prepare to us every morning when we have no left over viand from the previous night, there are times too when we have extra money we have hot dogs or longganisa on our breakfast table.

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Eating Korean Instant Noodles

Eating instant noodles became my habit every day, I don’t know but these past few days I really have craving for instant noodles probably from watching TV shows and seeing them eating noodles and it was also easy to prepare rather than cooking my viand especially I am little busy these past few days.

Instant Noodles

I am sort of workaholic where I won’t stop until I am done working into something online,  forget to hunger and the food. My break was just to fee, well probably it is not workaholic anymore but addicted, lol.

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Saving on Meals

This is what I enjoyed when buying food in convenient store when there is sale or freebies added to the item. It is cheaper eh, I got free hot chocolate when I bought cookie in GS25, as they don’t have the dumplings that I need to buy I went to Family Mart.

While on the way I remember I have to buy chicken as well, I have no plans to buy meal but when I saw this meal I craved for it because this my favorite set of instant meal, I got free lemonade and noodles.

Buying meals with freebies is extra savings because you don’t need to buy more just to feed your hunger. You can save that amount for the next time you felt hungry again.

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