Egg and Sausage Sandwich

These past few days I am so busy boxing things we don’t use anymore and needs to go home, I am boxing things as much as I can so they won’t be left behind when we left Korea and I can also travel light. With that, I forgot to eat and I will just realize that I am hungry when I felt dizzy moving around.

Egg and Sausage Sandwich

The other night with only an hour before we sleep I decided to prepare egg and sausage sandwich for myself, it was a good thing that there’s only one pair of bread left that I can look after my diet, you know older people say it is bad to eat a lot at night.

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Noodles and Bread my Instant Meal

Being busy online leaves me no choice but to eat food that are easy to prepare and cook. So I often eat noodles, boiled or fried egg, fried spam and even sometimes instant meal. This is my meal the other night noodles and bread, it brings back memories because we typically eat noodles and bread during rainy season or breakfast.

Noodles and Bread

I remember every morning eating noodles with egg and rice before going to school. That’s what my mother normally prepare to us every morning when we have no left over viand from the previous night, there are times too when we have extra money we have hot dogs or longganisa on our breakfast table.

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Is it a Pudding or Not?

Simple things are being complicated when Pookie bear and I don’t agree with each other, we went to Kim’s Club Mart on Friday night, yes we are shopping in two super market and the dove body wash is in the other store. Anyway we bought two package of bulgogi for our grilled party (lol). I also bought bread for me, I choose these bread cake below, I called it pudding but Pookie bear don’t agree with me. He said it is not, it is baked that way, he don’t believed me when I told him it is really a pudding and it is made of old bread.  He said it is like a date loaf with raisins, the bread is all eaten but we are still consistent with our own belief.

Maybe we should ask the bakeshop so we’re going to agree to each other what is the name of this bread, which is impossible because I can’t imagine  how to explain it in the air that I am asking for the name of this bread.

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