Meat Cooked in Spaghetti Sauce

Experimenting in cooking is already part of my life, my mother and I used to experiment food way back in Philippines. What I mean we just cook or sauted any vegetables we harvest from our small back yard garden or sometimes from grandmother’s  vegetable garden.

Last night I have cooked a pork with spaghetti sauce. There’s a left over spaghetti sauce from the jar so I used it as my main ingredients. You know here in Korea there’s a lot of  ready spaghetti sauce for sale  which you don’t need to cook anymore just pour it in the top of hot dumplings or pasta and eating time already.

Anyway this is how I cooked it , first I sauteed onions and the meat the I waited until the meat turns a little brown then I seasoned it with black pepper and salt, after it I pour the small jar of spaghetti sauce which has water already so all the spaghetti sauce will be used then I let it cooked until its done. Presto after it I have eaten my dinner, my husband says it tasted good. Wonder what is the name of this menu.

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