Buying a New Scale

My husband and I bought a new scale when our old one stop working despite of having a new battery. Our new scale is solar power and we are hoping we can use this longer. What confuses me though when I weigh myself at home my weight is less than when I weigh myself in the gym. It has 1 kilogram difference so I don’t know which one is right, well I guess scales has different weighing system.

Anyway for your own information there are different scales according to its uses, there are food retail scales that can be used for food, fruits and in the kitchen, weight bathroom scales for fitness and infants, industrial scale for shipping, medical and laboratory scales and special scaled that are used for wrestling and weighing jewelries.

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Boxes of Chocolates and Bottles of Vitamins from Canada

At last the box was finally opened this afternoon, when Pookie bear arrived he is grinning to me while looking at his box, his so called “Christmas gift”. He ate his meal first before trying to envy me and testing my excitement, well I know how to play his game. I act like I am not interested to know what’s inside and I focus on my online task, so he surrendered teasing me and he finally open the box smelling it first and telling me it smells good something smells good inside. He took first the vitamins, flax seed oil, deodorant and his trash errr I mean his over 100 pages of documents for his genealogy program which he bought online and delivered in Canada. Yes, he is buying some records online and  paying for someone to take picture of his ancestors tomb stones. That’s how dedicated my husband with his genealogy, I think he can kill me if I ever ruin his program. Lol! One time I have asked him how much he already spend with his trash, pardon me but that’s the word I used trash. As it was expected he didn’t answer to me in short he was angry with me. So lesson learned I have to be very careful with my words and terms so I will not hurt his feelings.

Anyway when everything is out he finally took one box of chocolates, then one more and more until the chocolates became four boxes. He handed it to me and I just stare with it, thinking if I am going to eat or just saved it until it melts. I say thank you after wards, at first I thought it is my mother in-law who bought it and send it to me, not until my husband told me I did not say thank you  to him for buying chocolates for me. I think he did not heard it because it is not too loud anyway I am reserving my thank you to my in-laws (lol).

So I jokingly told him, “Oh its you, I thought it’s Mom” and laugh.  Anyway I said thank you for the second time enough for him to hear it. I am still undecided if I am going to eat the chocolates or not, call me dork but that’s how things work for me. I am just contented looking at my stuff and when I feel bored I ate or used them. Maybe that’s how it works when you are raised in a family that eating meat is already a luxury, haha. When I told my husband that I can’t eat the chocolates he told me “Eat them or I will eat them”  of course I’m scared I know how he ate, darn my chocolates will only last one day to him. So I open one box and start eating them, I also bring few to the gym while doing some work-out I am munching chocolates. Silly my work-out is no use at all, so as of now  one box is almost down. They tasted like curly tops but a way better than it I supposed maybe if I am living in Canada I will buy these chocolates everyday because they are cheap for $1. Hehehe

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