The Apartment Stench and Febreze Air Freshener

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Had a busy day today, I wake up around two o’clock in the afternoon, read bit of news online, clean around our small apartment and cook my food.  Pookie bear and I also fixed our bathroom sink as the water is moving slowly so we are like plumbers unplugging a plugged sink, so the end result I need to clean the bathroom, that’s why the whole apartment is smelling bleach right now.

Nothing else happened this weekend aside from I can’t wait anymore for a perfect time to wash the thick blanket, so I washed it today so for sure I have no blanket to use tonight, well I thought my task for the day is finished well it looks like not yet.  I just finished cleaning the kitchen specifically below the kitchen sink, its kinda moldy and it is hard to clean as there’s only small space, haist!  Into my observation this apartment was built in a wrong way, much better if the kitchen is in the place where the balcony is so when you are cooking the smell is directly going out and not wandering inside the apartment before it popped out.


Just thankful that we have this sample from Febreze (Hawaiian Aloha™) where you don’t need to plug it or use batteries and it will eliminate odor and freshen up. All you need to do is insert the cartridge and it will activate upon insertion then pull up the bottom for full freshness experience or just remain it close for small spaces.

So right now our apartment especially our kitchen smells like scented perfume, with the bright, tropical scent of Hawaii’s beautiful and fragrant hibiscus blooms, such an exotic smell eh. Love it!

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9 Responses to “The Apartment Stench and Febreze Air Freshener”

  1. Mona says:

    Busy busy ang people dito ah heheh, naku need ko yan febreze or anything similar
    to that! Nangungulit lng po!

  2. Momfever says:

    I love the way a particular smell can take you on a trip to exotic places, without the expense of taking a plane!

  3. shengkay says:

    sipag ah..from adgi visting here..
    sis you might want to join Orange Tuesdays Meme. Would love to see you there..

  4. chubskulit says:

    We use febreeze din Rhe lalo if nagpiprito ako ng fish lol.. OUrs is a spray though.. Plumber ka na pala ngayon hehehe..

    • adminryanne says:

      Haist matagal na akong plumber Ate Rose way back in Seoul pa maxadong maarte itong asawa ko eh, ayaw humawak ng!

  5. genny says:

    patry nga nyan sis.hehehe

  6. ChieWilks says:

    Aw,this would be really great to have in the house. I need this everyday kasi my dog keeps peeing everywhere. amoy ihi na ni Chizka ang house ko.

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