The Tale of Peanut Butter Sandwich and a Cup of Coffee

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If you already stumbled to my food blog you already know what happened yesterday, what happened to my food. As I am not feeling well and not in the mood to go the gym I didn’t went out  yesterday so Pookie bear went alone, he didn’t forced me to go which is surprising because we always have a tug of war every time I feel lazy going to the gym, well maybe he knew his mistakes especially I told him I have no strength and I feel weak because I have not eaten yes as my supposed to be viand was thrown by someone.

Last night he asked how could I forgive him, I replied when my empty stomach is full. Then he asked me again what do I want to eat except for adobo which is already in the pail. So I ordered cup of coffee and four peanut butter sandwich, he asked me again if it is okay if he makes it five(5) as the left buns are five pieces. So I said yes, while he is making my order. I keep nagging him to make it faster, hurry, quick and etc., as I am hungry, you know playing like I am the boss and he is my servant. Lol! He told me to wait and my food will be ready if it is ready.

When he is done with my coffee he brought it to me but as I am busy online I neglect it for a second then he return it in the kitchen he said he don’t want to play because he can’t bend (lower back pain), poor sweetie so I went to the kitchen to get the coffee and sandwich. While blogging I am munching the sandwich and sipping my coffee,  when I finished eating he asked me if I forgive him already, I replied you have to wait for a second I need to chew the remaining particles on my mouth and when I done I said yes and we are now peace. He asked me after wards, did you enjoy your expired bread? LOL

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10 Responses to “The Tale of Peanut Butter Sandwich and a Cup of Coffee”

  1. carinamodella says:

    hahaha…nice one! happy april fools!

  2. Claire says:

    hehe! funny naman yan sis!

  3. Silvergirl says:

    hahaha.. nakakatawa naman

  4. sHeNgKaY says:

    hahahaha…weee????di nga!
    ano yan? Aptil fools day post? hahahaha..

    anyways..I think I sign up for mypage5 under you..

    matagal ka na dun?

  5. anne says:

    Wahhh kala ko ano na ang pinag awayan nyo hehehe napanis naman yun eh so ok lang na nasa pail lol. kataw anan man ka girl oi permanente jud ko nimo mapakatawa bah magngisi jud ko permanente diri hehehe

  6. kat says:

    nyahahahahahaha…sakit ng tiyan ko sa kakatawa sa yo Ryheanne…hahahaha

  7. Hazelicious929 says:

    yum yum!

  8. Chie Wilks says:

    hahahaha..i enjoyed reading talaga. ang kulit nyong talagang mag-asawa. hahahaha xpired bread kaya pala ang ganang gumawa ng sandwich..

  9. Mel Cole says:

    While looking at your pictures, gusto ko na rin aabotin sa screen kasi nagugutom na ako. wee hours na dito, hindi pa ako inaantok.

  10. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    Kaloka kayong 2 hehe .. Pero i find it sweet na rin hahaha.

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