Triangle Gimbap for Dinner

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It just come to the point that I am sick of eating eggs and spam, its been my food since the last two days, so tonight I want  a change, I went to Family Mart to look for an instant meal but what is left is meatballs, I hate to say this but meatballs makes me sick as well, so the last resort is to buy gimbap to feed my hungry stomach and this is my dinner for tonight.

Hopefully I am not going to be hungry again in the middle of the night because I am also sick of of frying eggs and eating big serving of rice as if I am not going to sleep, two hours after 12 in the morning. Just wrapped these with gim (sea weed) and ready to eat. Yum!

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2 Responses to “Triangle Gimbap for Dinner”

  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    Looks like kakanin?

  2. RyHeAnNe says:

    Mukha lang sis pero hindi, steamed rice yan eh 🙂

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