Cleaning and Organizing the Apartment

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It just started by my things filing up in the closet, small towels, unused brassiere and underwear’s that are still packed on their little pouch. My husband noticed that the stuff on the little board is getting heavier and it might lost control and will result to a big mess.

So he removed the makeshift board at top and transfer the underwear’s and socks to floor cabinet, and the things on the floor cabinet to the built-in cabinet near the main door and my junk in the built-in cabinet to trash can and box.


It took me so long to segregate things as everything are precious to me, we ended up throwing the red food cover given to us by Nonghyup Supermarket, the old scale, old umbrella and my old sandals then after cleaning we went shopping to Lotte Super, we shopped mostly vegetables I’ll blog it to my food blog if not today maybe tomorrow.

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