Icheon Elementary School in 100th Year Anniversary

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As usual we sleep very late again but I wake up early today because I am waiting for my sister to get online  as she is going to print her narrative report. Anyway as I have nothing to do I started dropping EC and adgitizing, it’s been a while since I visited back the bloggers who dropped by to my blog as I am kind of busy. I fell asleep after I finished adgitizing, I really cannot stay awake anymore, but I can’t sleep well because it is kind of noisy.

The nearby school, where Pookie bear is teaching is celebrating their 100th year Anniversary this week and it sounds like they’re going to have a big celebration because the program/celebration started this Sunday, music, cheers, singing and etc., can be hear. The school too is properly decorated,  I wish to see what they are doing but I am too darn shameful to go there, so I’ll just be contented listening to the voice I can’t understand. Haha, I didn’t do anything much today as I am tired lazy to cook, I just ate instant noodles which is the other half is still waiting in the kitchen as it tasted so spicy for me. As of now, I still feel sleepy I might take a nap again later. Teheee!

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2 Responses to “Icheon Elementary School in 100th Year Anniversary”

  1. genny says:

    bait mo naman na sister sis. rest ka rin paminsan2. masarap ba instant noodles dyan?:-)

    • adminryanne says:

      Thanks sis, hmmm.. hindi kasing sarap diyan..kasi maanghang mga noodles dito..yong noodles ba na dapat ay may 1.5 coke kang kapartner sa lamesa, soup na hindi mo mahigop sabaw…haha..

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