Kimchi A Lot of Work

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It is been few months already since we bought Kimchi from the supermarket but since last week we started to buy and eat Kimchi again.  So in short my cooking escapades in our kitchen rolled again, you know frying eggs with kimchi or fried rice and etc.

Just tonight I just finished cutting the kimchi into pieces which is required hard work (lol) what I mean lot of work, need to clean the kitchen for the splattered Kimchi juice, wash the dishes and the Kimchi bag before throwing it in the garbage. If I am not going to wash it the whole apartment will stinks like Kimchi.

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One Response to “Kimchi A Lot of Work”

  1. Mona says:

    haha ..ano ba smell ng kimchi .. Haven’t tasted kimchi pa ..I just saw in one of korean series how to make it. Btw, thank u again sa lahat ng help mo.

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