Memory Loss at a Young Age

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Oh well it’s Thursday today, day for nostalgic past. I really have nothing to be nostalgic I mean no specific photo, as I am always forgetful I am in kind of feeling of devastation, hatred to myself and etc., guess what? Well it is still nostalgic because while digging into my photos something reminds me to check.

I have mention many times I am have been busy downloading my photos from Friendster, so I have deleted the albums once I am done downloaded them to avoid confusion but there are some albums I have deleted without downloading them thinking that I have a soft copy in my computer, especially those photo taken here in Korea and few photos taken on our wedding day which is not too clear as they are taken by a not so good phone but the fact that is memories it is very important.

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So I look to my folders and I can’t find copy of those photos, it feels like I wanna pull my hair.  I am so darn dork and last night too I am looking for my the word document of my Anything and Everything blog as I copy them online then all of sudden I can’t find them then I remember I have deleted few files the other day to free space and I can’t remember if they are included, I am really disturbed last night that I don’t want to go to sleep, as I am adding those blogs to my other blogs. You know I got another idea, that is to scheduled post. Yeah, my blog post are scheduled except in this one of course.,

In my age of 24 I already have memory loss how much more when I am already in my thirties, huhuhu. Darn I guess I need to eat a lot of clams and shells to help me gain memory. Oh well, I have find the word document because the moment I wake up I started browsing all my folders but the fact that my  photos are still missing in action makes me say “Ihhhhh” so angry. I have mailed the box to Philippines today with the help of Pookie bear as I can’t carry it alone, and another memory loss occurred.  On the box I wrote our address without the Province name as I forgot about it  I just noticed it when I check it, but I can’t add it as there’s no more space and today in the postal office, I forgot to write our city’s name on the paper.  Lol!

By the way, I am little sick right now, it looks like the big bear transfer his colds to me. He is so happy that he is feeling well and keep telling how he feels good right now. Lol!

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4 Responses to “Memory Loss at a Young Age”

  1. chubskulit says:

    Hahahahaha that would really upset me too. When we were still in Korea, I took a bunch of pictures and when I have to download it in my OC nagerror so all I can do is to delete all of them.. Kakabanas. Forgetful din ako Rhe… Oiiist kain ka ng clams lang wag shells lol… Ang bata mo pala Rhe hehehe.

    Yung mga tasks ko sa Review Me and Blogvertise yun.. Nakakgrab naman kahit isa everyday so it’s good. Pahinga ka bago ka magcollapse dyan hehehe

  2. Mona says:

    Same here my memory loss na rin, anyway, get well soon 🙂

  3. tejan says:

    i experienced feeling what you feel just few weeks ago:) hehe.. just shout then better..ahhehe

    nostalgia is up see yah!

  4. genny says:

    fully occupied lang mind mo sissy, ganyan din ako.weeee
    meron bang box for me sis?hehehe

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