Sick Feeling, Feeling Sick

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It’s been a long time since my last post here huh? I was feeling sick these past few days then my monthly visitor came that makes me roll in pain, then the next day I just wake up with headache. It feels like my head is spinning dunno where did I get it all I know I just ate rice that night before I sleep,  Pookie bear says maybe I am dehydrated so I drink a lot of water but the headache won’t go away, then I recall the pain I felt when I encountered food intolerance it is the same feeling. I immediately took some spoon of sugar and rested for a while I feel like vomiting but my stomach is empty though.

So the whole week I just lay down on bed, watch some TV shows online and sleep,  as I would like to post something on my blog or design some wordpress theme I can’t do it since I feel sick, I remember my Facebook update that I feel like my head is gonna explode that’s what I felt these past few days, it feels like my head is gonna blew up if I force it to think. Teary eyes added to the injury it looks my eyes don’t like the bright of my computer dunno if I am gonna retired from blogging or I need an eyeglass. Huhuhu

So sorry guys for being away. I am thinking of returning to my tweaks as soon as possible. See yeah!

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4 Responses to “Sick Feeling, Feeling Sick”

  1. Chie says:

    Get well soon. Rest well and drink plenty of water.

  2. reese says:

    ingat and pagaling ka…

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