Sport-fest or Family Day in Icheon Elementary School?

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I wake up early in the morning with a loud noise coming from the nearby school, it seems there’s a celebration. I can hear drums, music and a person announcing something. I would like to check whats happening outside but I am to shy to do it, so I just open my computer and do some adgitizing then return to sleep afterwards.

When I wake up again, I made some soup and I can still hear the music nearby. So after meal I decided to check what’s happening on the nearby school.

And this is what I have found out, people playing soccer. It seems there’s a sport fest or family day, the field/playground is surrounded by tents which are fully occupied. The elementary school is quite big isn’t it?

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7 Responses to “Sport-fest or Family Day in Icheon Elementary School?”

  1. They were having a whale of a time!:) I am a big soccer fan. The elementary school is really big. Have a good Sunday.

  2. Mona says:

    exciting soccer. Wow, ang huge naman non elementary school prang university na.Have time to follow me here sis. New blog ko.

  3. A Woman's Note says:

    malapit ka lang pala sa school dyan…heheeh ang laki ng school nila no?…baka intrams nila ryheanne..hehe

    • adminryanne says:

      Walking distance lang ate Kat, matatanda naglalaro eh saka Sunday so baka may paliga ang barangay gaya ng tawag sa Pinas ., lol

  4. gagay says:

    looking enjoyable!!!

    adgitizing here sis!

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