Stressful Life Online and Food Wasting

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I have been busy lately that I have no more time to open my blog and post, my scheduled post ends the other day on my other blog so I am force to log-in today and blog about something, on what is happening around me. Oh well aside from being busy nothing more, my computer gives me problem keeps hanging out maybe because I am already low in memory, got a lot of pics of everything eh.

As the title says when to say time-out, I declare holiday for myself but dunno if I can follow it. Before I slept today, my eyes is all red as if I have sore eyes, it looks they are over used in front of the computer, so I have no choice but to rest and now I am awake very early in the morning even it is already lunch time, it is still early for me. Haha,

Pookie bear is little angry with me these past few days because I keep leaving food behind until there expiration date, that means more and more food are not allowed here in our apartment, I wonder what would I eat in the next few days if it keeps on happening, I have a packed of buns where which is still more than half and I have to eat it all before it expired which will be tomorrow or else no more buns like no more bread for sandwich. Huhuhu, wish me luck I might choke eating them.

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  1. chiewilks says:

    hello sis, long time no visit. missing ako sa blogland for more than two weeks yata..nbusy sa offline life pero nag-enjoy sa rest from blogging. you should rest sis from time to time para ma-rest ang eyes natin.

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