Korea National Foundation Day (Gaecheonjeol)

Today is public holiday here in Korea to commemorates  Gaecheonjeol  or National Foundation Day in English . This holiday celebrates the creation of the state of Gojoseon (ancient Korea) founded by Dangun Wanggeom in the year 2333 BC.

I don’t know that is holiday today when I wake up I am startled why my husband is still sleeping when he has a work in few minutes, so I asked if he has no class. He chuckled while saying I’ve been here for a long time and I don’t know the public holidays are.,

Anyway tonight when I went to throw the garbage bag I’ve seen this big stuff toy, it is still okay just kind of dirty. I think a little kid owns this as there’s a lot of brown spots which I believe from chocolates.  Just washed this and it will looks brand new, dunno who’s going to be the lucky owner, I can’t pick it up because it is too big for a box to Philippines.


Anyway the origin of the holiday, Gaecheon refers to 3 October B.C. 2457, the date when Hwanung  descended from heaven to live with mankind. The harvest ceremony was celebrated in each Korean kingdoms; Yeonggo of Buyeo, Mucheon  of Yemaek, Gyeeum  of Mahan and Byeonhan, Dongmaeng  of Goguryeo, Palgwanheoi  of Silla.

In 1909, Gaecheonjeol was enacted as a national holiday.The festival is held annually. At first, Gaecheonjeol had been celebrated on 3 october on lunar calendar but it has been celebrated on 3 october on solar calendar since 1949.

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Wooden Shelf – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

There are times I am organized but most of the time I am messy and one fine example are my things as shown below, this is just beside my side of bed where I can just grab the things I need when I am sitting in the floor or in my little chair while doing my task online. As you can see there are boxes where my things are kept, like notebooks, pamphlets, calling cards and some souvenir items. And hey there’s also a small bowl of grapes, I am eating it last night but I was not able to eat them all before I slept., so it was just left there because I hate drinking and eating cold food but I love ice cream, what the heck! My battery charger was also in the floor together with my black backpack and a Missha paper bag, my container of candies, accessories and etc., We have a not so large white cabinet just near the front door but it is full of my junk, plus I don’t like walking by and by when I need something.

Actually Pookie bear had asked me before if I want a metal shelf for my things but I declined his offer, he got one though for his side of bed. You, know the frugal me reasoned out we are just going to waste it because we can’t carry it once we moved.

Yesterday when we are going to gym we found a small wooden shelf in the trash/garbage area (where I took a photo of the sala sets) we didn’t care about it because we usually see shelves better than what we saw.  Going home after gym Pookie bear asked me if I want it, he said its kind of dirty. I said No then Yes and I can clean it so he returned because we are few steps away and carry it. I run home, haha and tease him “garbage picker”. Haha, wala akong utang na loob (inner debt). So I cleaned it last night and let it dry in the balcony as the wood is wet, maybe its been there since last night because it rained until morning. Today when it is already dry, I just glued the outer strips/layer (zoom it and you can see a thumbtacks) it seems the previous owner did not think of using glue/rugby, he use thumbtacks and brown packaging tape to attached it and when we picked it the strips are almost gone but with the help of the thumbtacks and brown packaging at the top it is still attached to the body.

Anyway here’s what my side of bed looks right now, as you can see it is really just beside my bed and looking to my computer screen I am busy dropping EC cards. Maybe you are wondering why the flower is quite far from the Pringle’s container, my camera is situated in the center you can’t just see it because I am using it to take the photo below. The bowl of left over grapes is still there, lol.

I placed it in the corner because it does not look good with the first position (above picture). I think Pookie bear is already annoyed of my messy junk in the floor, I cleaned it but once I need things I can’t return it to proper position as I am quite busy clicking and dropping. He knows I wouldn’t accept a new metal shelf, so he picked the wooden shelf without embarrassment knowing he is white foreigner. Haha, as what he says Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – thank you sweetie! Mwah!

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