Shopping Online and Using The New Korean Address

Patiently waiting, paranoid and never mind. Haist I have ordered 32G USB online last Friday and it is on request until yesterday, late last night it was already on delivery and I am expecting to receive it tonight but until now nobody knocks or ring our doorbell that makes me paranoid every time I’ve heard a car/truck outside.

Dunno if the delivery man will find our new address, I guess there’s no problem if I have used our old address but since it is already 2012 I’ve decided to use the new address that was given to us by mail. We have new address because the Korean government change their address system, naming the streets and building which started on 1997 and will start effect this year, it says the new address system is  for convenience purposes where the numbering is based on street names. Oh well I think I have  to wait until tomorrow.

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Dream of UFO, Address Change in Korea

A loud thunder storm wake me up this morning then I went back to sleep with dream about UFO’s, where I saw a UFO in the sky (looks like a flying saucer)  and I am trying to take photo of it but it keeps moving right and left so I was not able to get a good shot then when the UFO moved away I followed it and I have seen it carrying a carabao then a realization came to me why I didn’t take a video of it instead, when I check my camera all I found is a one blurred shot. After it I’ve seen a lot of soldiers in my dream in alert together with their trucks, helicopters and other military vehicles. It’s dark too,  it feels like there’s no electricity and with my two eyes I’ve seen one helicopter crashed with a burning tail. I don’t know what is my dream all about but it is weird and the sound of thunderstorm this morning is also weird and so loud.

BTW, we received a mail yesterday about the changes of address here in Korea, the government will implement it on July but we can still used our old address until December, then next year we have to use our new address.  The Korean government change their address system, actually I didn’t understand the mail but that’s what Pookie bear’s co teacher had told him.  Anyway you can check their website about the address change and the timeline

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