Grilling Galbi and Dweji Bulgogi at Home

The other night I have blogged about the fun we had with our new electric grill, we bought two kinds of marinated meat, Pookie bear was the one who put the meat in the electric grill and I am the one who turn it to be cook.


Above is Galbi,  a marinated beef short ribs  in a ganjang-based sauce (Korean soy sauce). In the Korean language, galbi literally means “rib” and can often indicate uncooked ribs. In addition, the dish’s full name is galbi gui, although “gui” (grilling) is commonly omitted to refer to it.

Dweji bulgogi

Above is Dweji bulgogi  or Spicy pork bulgogi it is also a popular Korean barbecue dish and it is quite different from beef bulgogi because it is marinated is gochugang (Korean chili powder) and not in soy sauce.

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