Alumni Conference in Icheon Elementary School

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I wake up today with loud music and an emcee speaking in the nearby elementary school. My husband told me that there’s something going on because he saw some tent from our window. After making my coffee I decided to check it out, I didn’t even finish drinking it I just had one sip, I changed my clothes and I went out.

When I arrived in the school entrance I saw a lot of cars and this banner but as I can’t read Hangul I can’t still figure out what was the occasion.

Icheon Elementary School

There’s really a lot of tent encircling the wide playground and they are full of people and food. Others are drinking soju (the popular liquor here), eating and talking to each other. There are few people in the play ground which looks like they are doing fun games, I saw some people with balloons. I didn’t take long because I am too shy to be noted and snapping around, I was not able to take good picture because there are cars and trucks blocking me from where I stand.

Icheon Elementary School

I walk around the school I mean the street around the school so people will not think I just went there to take pictures. Anyway when I arrived home I translated what is written in the banner and it says “The 5th Icheon Elementary School Alumni Conference” thanks to Korean Virtual keyboard and Google translate for making it possible.

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