EMS Korea and Postal Fee

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Christmas is almost here, last weekend I have asked Pookie bear if what is our Christmas gifts to his family and to my family. I remind him what he told me a year ago that we are not going to send gifts every occasion but during holiday season only. He told me what about he will shouldered the postal fee of the things I have collected. So I agree, on Monday I went to the nearest postal office to buy a box. I got the big box ( number 5), while arranging the stuff I am going to send I remember what pookie bear has said he don’t like a big box, so I returned to the postal office to buy another box the small one (number 4). When he came home he was surprised to see two boxes so I told  him just one, the small one. So he asked me how much is it, so I looked into the price list the the postal office had given to me, when I said the price. Believe it or not, he said No. Lol, he was not going to pay that amount just for postal fee. So I told him that he said yes last weekend, he said he thought it is just half of the price, so I replied to him that he knows how many kilos my stuffs are.

So what happened? No choice so I just told him that he is going to pay the half and the half price is mine. Asking me where am I going to get the money for it, well its from the allowance he is giving me weekly $8.64 /week ah yeah just last week I have an allowance increase $12.96 per week already. Lol!  So I think the box will stay here in our apartment after Christmas because I need to buy chocolates too because my mother  and sister has a sweet tooth.

Anyway what’s inside my box why it weighs so much, well just shampoo I bought from my allowance when they are on sale. Big bottles of shampoo.

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5 Responses to “EMS Korea and Postal Fee”

  1. Marites says:

    hehehe! the sacrifices we made for our family, huh! 🙂 as long as they are happy then it's good. As for me, I'd rather have shoes/bags than the shampoos hehehe! happy RT!

  2. Silvergirl says:

    for sure you will send this boxes to your family. good luck sis, maging masaya mga family mo,

  3. Mayet says:

    your family will surely be happy receiving the package!

  4. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    agree, i'm sure happy happy ang family mo dito sa pnas. By the way, i got the prize thank you so much. I will post it later =)

  5. RyHeAnNe says:

    Hay sana nga mga sissy matuwa sila kahit papaano eh my pamasko ako..haha.

    No problem sis Mona, ur welcome!

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