Travel with Firmoo’s Sunglasses

Traveling is not all about fun and enjoyment because it can be tiring sometimes and can make you worn out. Dressing comfortably while traveling is a thing most traveler should do, the lighter clothes you wear the comfortable you are.

One of the common accessories you will see among travelers is a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses will not just help your to look trendy and  fabulous but it can also help to hide your tired eyes either when you are lack of sleep or having jet lag problems, sunglasses can also help you to protect your eyes from scorching heat of the sun.

That\’s why I am too thankful when I received free sunglasses from Firmoo by winning through giveaway,  I am able to enjoy our vacation in Armenia and Georgia despite of the hot weather in these places.


[#OTO2505] is a popular online eyeglasses store for prescription and non-prescription glasses. They have wide range of eyeglasses according to your needs it is either for reading,  fashion or everyday use which is both available for men and women.  If you are in need of sunglasses with  bifocal or progressive lenses you can find them in Firmoo which is in different style and color.

Recently I was contacted by Firmoo to receive free sunglasses I am too happy upon reading the invitation because most of my blogger friends has been contacted already or they contacted Firmoo for this freebie and now they are already enjoying wearing the sunglasses from Firmoo on different occasions.

The sunglasses arrived today together with the case, cloth, bag and screw. Yes it is a complete package, the sunglasses was perfectly packed and sealed in the case with foam and bubble plastic. Firmoo really made sure that customers will received the sunglasses in perfect condition and best look.

Anyway I chooses RX sunglasses the Women’s full frame wrap around plastic sunglasses  #OTO2505 in black color, even though my sister wants a different sunglasses.  I am attracted to its fashionable and sexy design despite the fact that wearing big eyeglasses doesn\’t fit the shape of my face.

Firmoo\’s sunglasses are comfortable to wear they are lightweight and in high quality so no matter how you wear them they were not easily to be distorted or out of shape unlike those other sunglasses that can be easily distorted once you put them on your head.



The sunglasses above is beautifully crafted  with white butterfly knot on each side which made it charming  and very  feminine to wear, there are three colors for this design black, purple and green (tortoise). I choose the black one because it will fabulously fit any color of clothes I am going to wear when we travel. These sunglasses too is definitely  perfect and on time  for our vacation next month in the Philippines I will surely wear this while touring around.

Firmoo\’s sunglasses are affordable but in high quality so they are perfect to send as gifts to your family, friends and relatives.  They have virtual try-on system to help you find what is the perfect eyeglasses that will look good and will fit on the shape of your face or to someone you want to sent a pair of eyeglasses by uploading your own or their photo on Firmoo.

[Me wearing #OTO2505]

Firmoo provides various designs and styles of sunglasses to suits any person’s preferences of style so I am sure that you will find what you wanted. One of the best deals Firmoo has to offer is free eyeglasses for first time customers so don\’t let this opportunity be wasted,  hop in now and experience the magic of Firmoo!

Remember too that they also offer discount codes and coupons to keep updated with them follow Firmoo on Facebook and  Twitter.


Thank you Firmoo!

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Dreams, Vision, Connection and Past Life Regression

Every night I always had a dream but most of the time I forgot what is it after going to the bathroom to pee.  I have been blogging my dreams but due to intermittent connection I didn\’t bother documenting it again.

Anyway, since I was young I knew I was an old soul.  I knew I was born before but I just don\’t know when and how I live my life and how many times I was born. When I met an accident when I was young, I was hit and run-over by motorcycle I have recollection on how I live my life as a kid, it was like they were flashback right on my eyes and then all I remember I was going down in a spiral and I woke up asking for a water.  I have never told anyone about it because I have thought it was normal.

Moreover, I always have recurring dream of being in a familiar place when in reality I have never been there and I can\’t remember the place in my dream. I have dreamed often too being a child living in a different planet,  I see fires, burning city, flying metal objects just like how the city in Jean Claude Van Damme\’s movie Universal Soldier I didn\’t think about it that much maybe because it was just created by my brain when I was asleep.

Growing up, I enjoyed reading mystery, horror and metaphysical stories. I am fascinated with the theory of reincarnation, I can spend my whole day reading stories about it, lately I have been reading new stories again. It was been my long wish to do past life regression but I just don\’t know how to find people that could help me with it.  I search about how to do it alone and last night before going to sleep when everything is silent I tried to do it, it was hard for me to concentrate because it is either my hand felt itchy or my foot does,  after trying so hard I saw a vision, I have seen a yellow flower in a vase in a door to the balcony (maybe that\’s why I prefer yellow flower than the red ones), dark dirty water seeing it from below, a hospital bed then I felt anxious so I went out the imaginary door and rest  to an imaginary chair.  When I went in the door again,  I saw a train coming, I have heard its sound, I am in a station, it wasn\’t the present era, it was in sepia, the train looks like running through a steam engine there was a lot of people rushing I was feeling frantic because I couldn\’t see myself, I want to see myself on this period and then I saw a beautiful sophisticated woman wearing sophisticated black dress with a black hat just like how Audrey Hepburn was, she has pearl earrings and she was very beautiful white female like a celebrity, then my vision hop seeing an Asian small old man sitting at the corner of his hospital bed, he is wearing a hospital pajama and as if he is waiting for someone, a visit from family maybe but there was a thought that he is all alone then I came back feeling tired and empty, I fell asleep instantly.


[Photo courtesy of Hoang Le/]

There are times there are familiar people in my dreams but in reality they are not existing in my present world and there are times there are people I know in my present life but they have different face in my dream.

Fear of Snake

I am very afraid of snake just imagining it getting near me I cringe. Not so long ago I dreamed of being a beautiful woman with a long black hair with an olive skin living in a tribe wearing a traditional tribal clothing adorned with stones or bones in my forehead, neck and clothing. It feels like I am about to marry a chieftain or son of a chieftain but I don\’t know what happened, the woman in my tribe standing next to me is jealous of me, in present life she is an older cousin. On that dream I saw myself and her lying in a bed made of hay and a black snake was crawling underneath and black out, I woke up with a fear like there was a snake in my bed. It was like we are executed by a snake bite or we are chosen through a snake… ah dunno what is it!

Fascinated with the Sea

Since I was a child I am fascinated seeing the sea, I always wish that the jeep I rode every afternoon to home will traverse the road near the sea, I felt ecstatic and happy seeing the sea but the truth was I don\’t know how to swim and I never learned how to do it no matter how I tried. I am also afraid going to the deep part of the sea I guess it has connection of me seeing a dark dirty water last night, maybe on my previous life I drowned at the sea or in a pond. What is interesting when I was sixteen years of age I almost drowned with my classmate in a river.

I have read from other story tellers that there are times things happened like they happened in the past, so I guess I died from drowning when I was sixteen years old on my past life. What do you think?

Familiarity with the Jantar Mantar

When J and I went to India, specifically  in Jaipur (Jantar Mantar) I frantically told him \”I have been here, I saw this already!\” when it was the first of me seeing it. I cannot recall seeing it in movies nor in photo, I have remember myself walking around the Sundials climbing with one of them to see the stars. When we are in India, I am always mistaken a local of the country.

Out of Tuned Music

Many people who knew me knows that I don\’t know how to sing, I am out of tuned but there is part of me who believes that on my past life I was a good singer but I cursed it, I wonder if it has relation to the beautiful woman in the train station.

Hospital and Balcony

Growing up I am scared of going to a hospital, furthermore meeting a doctor alone.  I was also scared of heights and looking over a balcony, when I was in grade school I remember how I felt sick looking down from the third floor and I also remember how I felt cold feet every time I look down below the balcony of J\’s apartment in Korea, I was scared of falling and I always felt like throwing up whenever I looked down I guess it has to do with the balcony and the old man I saw in his hospital pajama, did I committed suicide at a balcony on that life?

I have a lot of questions and I wonder how many lives did I live, which of my dreams are true and are all of my visions are real?  It was said your birthmarks was the cause of your death on your past life, I have one in my forehead and there is something at the back of my head and I have a birthmark in the right side of my body too… I sometimes wonder if these are bullet or arrows point of entry.

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Surviving Budget Cuts at Work

A few months ago, I have decided to quit my job, because I have enough. I felt unappreciated and it is already toxic at work, I am not feeling happy on what I am doing already. Those who know me, knew what I mean.

Anyway, quitting made me my niece caregiver which isn\’t a problem at all, but when I quit working, my father lost his carpentry job, his employer went to Manila for personal matters. With this, my younger sister work alone to support the family of five, it was not too burdensome  at first, but as the day goes by, our finances is going to the drain, whatever small savings we have is slowly detoriating. My mother started to show signs of stress, short patience and always nagging and angry at everything, maybe because of the problem of budgeting.


One of my immediate supervisor at work, encourages me to return to the office by applying through the boss, with the problem arising at home, I did and to cut the story short I am able to work in the office with a different responsibilities and a bit different environment.

Working was great, there are few overtimes, but it was good. Past forward, election came and a lot of changes happened, the office had a budget shortage for wages of job orders, don\’t ask me the reason and how the budgeting is done because I don\’t know either.

Being good at your job doesn\’t matter, all job orders were lay-off and only a few or handful were ask to return first, those who hold a special place errr job. Right now, we are still waiting if we will be called/hired again and for the meantime I am jobless, I found a time to write again.

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Coconut Oil and Turmeric for Treating Fungal Infection

Most people in rural areas run to quack doctor when something irritable grows in their skin like allergies, bumps cause by air and insects. When an itchy bump grow in my face I treat it with ointment for skin irritation rather than going to quack doctor like what my family has told me but the itchiness didn’t subsides so I have asked my mother to verify if the bump is a pimple since I can’t fully see it, she said it was indeed a pimple.

A few days passed nothing has changed the bump is still quite itchy so I scratched it without hesitation until it grows bigger, so I immediately search online for alternative medicine aside from using coconut oil and creams. Through searching online I have found out the benefits of oil and turmeric. Coconut oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, and nourishes skin cells to inspire softness while turmeric kills bacteria on and beneath the skin’s surface without damaging healthy cells or drying the skin out. According too, to Taiwanese study, coconut oil was found to be the most effective carrier for the curcumin (turmeric) to enter the skin cells. Since I have only small amount of coconut oil I have asked my mother and sister when they went to town to buy me old coconut as well as turmeric in the market.


A coconut oil is made from cooking the coconut milk, I crushed and cut fresh turmeric and mixed it with the coconut oil and treat the itchy bump in my face but since I scratched it a lot, the bump isn’t a simple bump anymore, when I checked it in the mirror it looks like a fungal infection already. I treat with the mixture I have made and the itchiness subsides a bit and it is drying overtime but there is new tiny pimple blisters growing again and the affected area is becoming even larger once the bad skin is treated. Annoyed with the outcome and how my face looks like that I can’t even go to church without putting band aid in it.

One day, when it itches again I rub salicylic acid without hesitation. The burning feeling made me crazy that I didn’t stop until it hurts a lot without thinking I am treating my face, part of my skin that everyone can see. After treating it with salicylic acid I treat it with pure coconut oil after few days the skin dried out like how it looks like in a wound but a new itchy pimple grew beside it so I treat the new bump with salicylic acid again and it is gone but a new itchy bump grew at the other side and what I did this time is different method I treat it with a crushed garlic for a few hours.

Treating fungal infection is very irritating, sometimes I have wondered where did I got it from, I bath every day and clean our house regularly that my family is even annoyed with me for being clean and germs freak. So I guess I got this from interacting with our cats especially it is my nature to pick and bring home abandon kittens from the street, or buying used clothes from thrift shop because according to some health articles that I read online if your immune system is weak you can easily get it from animals or individuals who has it including their personal things.

Well, I have found out too that the coconut oil with turmeric is a good treatment for ant and insect bites after using it to treat my ant and mosquito bites.  Coconut oil and fresh turmeric when mixed together had a foul smell overtime so I wonder if dried turmeric is better than fresh ones.

Originally posted at my health blog on January 29, 2016
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Odiongan Town Fiesta: Kanidugan Festival 2022

The pandemic made the world stops, it cleans busy roads and made people to stay home.  Anyway, after three years of not celebrating town fiesta, finally Odiongan was able to held one, simpler than the previous celebrations. Simpler in the sense, that there is no street dancing today and there is no Kanidugan Festival dance competition.

The highlights of today town fiesta is a float parade participated by clusters of barangays and some government agencies.  The town parade almost didn\’t take place because it rained that day, and it is still drizzling when it happened.

Well, I really have no plans of going to town and watch the float parade, but thinking it was a first for my niece, we did go to town for her to see the floats and people. We went there, when it was already starting and we decided to find a good spot and location where we can see the whole parade without skipping anything.

[ Some floats have dancers to make the parade merrier and festive.]

There are only few floats, there are more people and groups who joined the town parade, especially fraternities and organizations, there was a short program in the town plaza after, but we didn\’t see it anymore, we went home right after we saw the tail of the parade.

As you can see, the rain didn\’t stop the people from going out, because the parade was already a big event after three years of community quarantines, as you know Philippines is still not mask free, and maybe there are still unreported cases until today. Well, who  will have the guts to report you are sick, by the way? Even me, maybe I will not tell anyone I have symptoms when I know that you and your family will be isolated without food to eat. LOL

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