Capturing Memorable Moments with my Fluffy Friends

Adopting homeless and abandon cats from the street was already normal for me, for us. No matter how many times we promised and told ourselves not to pick homeless kittens again, we always brought home a new set of kittens from the street because we can’t just simply ignore them, their scared little meow looking for someone who will give them warm, food and shelter right that moment.

Today, we have fourteen cats at home, including Monina’s five little kittens. There should be more than this number if only all the kittens we picked from the street survive, but since maybe they were too little, still nursing and already sickly when we got them, they didn’t able to live a healthy life no matter how I feed and cared for them.

Sanghwa: My gosh we are getting crowded…

Like most pet owners, our cats were like a family member to us. They don’t eat spoiled food, they have their own food at home. My family often teased me that I spend too much on my little kids, they dubbed them as my kids because they tend to follow me around like little kids to their mamma’s whenever I went out the house to go to the store or even simply going outside to throw some garbage they will be tailing me.

Jeong Woo: Cheer up Ryanne your dark circles will never go away, stop eating salty food look how your face is swollen today, wanna know my secret how to get whiter skin?

Every moment with them is memorable because just like dogs, they can vibrate and feel when you are happy or sad. They knew when to cheer you up, they can make you laugh with their playful antics and nature, they know how to amaze you by by twisting their body like a gymnast.

Dongsu: I’m sad too. Our pretty neighbor (cat) rejected me last night.

Most of the time they knew when to give you hug and warmth when they sleep beside you, and most importantly, they knew as well when to create steam in the top of your head by turning things upside down inside the house or eating your food on the table.

Dongsu: Hmm… what about me?

When you have cats you can’t eat chips alone because they go crazy at the smell and the sound of a plastic. Yes, most cats are mischievous in nature, but they are one of the sweetest at times, the way they purred and wrapped their bodies around you or jump in your shoulders, the way they cries when they are hungry or had been banned inside the house for littering and soiling the rugs is priceless.

Gildong: Please let me in… I promised not to pee and litter inside the house anymore…

Let’s meet our little fluffy friends and know the memorable moments that bring smile to our faces and create steam in the top of our heads at times?

They knew it is feeding time the moment they heard the sound of their dishes, give them food because if not suffer the consequences…

The older male cat in our house was named Dongsu from the Korean drama series Baek Dongsu, my sister and I rescued him from being trapped on top of the tree. We are busy fetching water when we heard a cat crying, it was scary at first because you can hear a cat crying but you can’t find where it is coming from. #ghost

Dongsu is a very silent cat who loves to sleep, take selfies with me and pee anywhere inside our house in my mother’s disgust and horror. He also loves to play and catch birds that’s why he always volunteer to look after the grains, and after the young kittens.

Dongsu: Ikkk, I thought this is a look up pose or was it Walking Dead Pose?

Monina a female black cat from the town market; she is a street cat who’s used to fighting with other cats for the sake of food. She is very competitive despite her inborn twisted left foot; she is a mischievous as well because of her background, she teaches the younger cats to steal food from our fridge, and to climb in our kitchen sink.
What’s funny about her when you caught her stealing food, she will immediately run and dock her head down as if she was hiding from you. We have to put collars on her so our neighbors will know that she is a domestic cat and not a devil cat like how most people presumed when seeing a black cat around.

Monina is currently nursing five little kittens, four of them are male making the last one female.

Sanghwa is a calico kitten my mother and sister found in the middle of a busy street, they stopped to pick her and called out at the nearest house to inform that their kitten went outside and might be accidentally hit by vehicles, but the moment my mother put down the little cat in the ground, she runs back towards them so the owner just gave her to them.

Sanghwa, is a very sweet and loving kitty, she loves to fish out ice water in the tub, to clean herself and every kitty around her. She loves eating, she loves to chew food and to eat alone without another cat bothering her, she can eat boiled plantain banana and boiled sweet potato and she can even eat grass.

Jinja and Patpat were abandon in the street, going to town we saw them walking on the road side, but going home they were already in the middle of the road, so we stopped and the moment I went down the motorcycle to check on them they run towards me like they were happy that “mommy” is coming.

The more they get old the more they become playful and naughty;

Jinja loves to sleep in my foot at night, stole the food in our fridge, rubbed his head/body in our legs, he loves to follow everyone without his knowing that he can us make trip in the ground. When you look outside the window and he is around, he will quickly climb and cry blocking your view.

Compare to Jinja’s mischievous behavior Patpat is a bit timid, but cries out loud, he loves to catch bugs and spider in the house and climb on trees which make me wonder sometimes if he is indeed a cat or bird. Patpat has the habit of turning our garbage can upside and down, chewing and eating the plastics, he also loves being petted by our duck and he loves doing yoga too, he is a healthy buff kitty if you may ask me.

Okneo, is Monina’s only surviving adult kitty, she is the youngest and the frailest but she survived alone after one of her siblings died from being a victim of a hit and run, and the others went sick after catching colds.Her right eye is blind and the left eye is crossed-eye but her nose works well especially on finding food and petting the younger kittens.

Gildong, Jeong Woo and Rueh are three of the four white kitties we save from being abandoned. When scabies and mange became rampant among the dogs around the neighborhood, we found some of our cats having them as well since they love to play and roll outside. I treated them, they stopped itching, but then they get itchy again, it turns out I put too much salt on their food, I was told it wasn’t healthy because they are too young so right now I cooked their food bluntly, it was just too sad Jeo Wook wasn’t able to live long.

Do you love “Taking selfies with your fluffly friends? Which OPPO #SelfieExpert smartphone produces the best selfies?”

They are all lovable aren’t they? I love taking selfies and playing goofy with them, but of course most of the time the photo quality isn’t good because my kitties tend to move a lot making hard for the camera to focus on us and my phone camera failed to capture the right angle.

Getting the right angle and capturing a clear selfie photo is most pet owners wanted. Hear yeah! OPPO introduces a fantastic smartphone that produces the best selfies in the market today, it was no other than the OPPO F3 #SelfieExpert sporting a 13mp rear camera and dual front camera (16mp primary + 8mp secondary) with the touch-focus and face detection for clearer and better selfies. Finding the right angle was never been easier, but with OPPO F3 the hassle of getting a perfect shot is less of your worry. What is best about the secondary camera is, it is designed for wide-angle selfies, if you have a lot of fluffy friends you can be in one selfie photo together without the hassle of grouping them together.

Image result for oppo f3

OPPO F3 is packed with special features like Geo-tagging, HDR, and panorama to make your photos more remarkable and memorable. It is also equipped with an internal storage of 64 gigabytes with 4 gigabytes RAM, which means you can take a lot of selfies with your fluffy friends and store a lot of photos of them without the hassle of lagging and hanging, if this space isn’t enough you can expand your memory up to 128G micro SD card. This phone has also a remarkable long battery life (3200mAh) where you can take a lot of selfies and photos without worrying about your battery level.

Are you now getting excited to own OPPO F3? Read more details about this phone at

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Saving and Adopting Four White Kittens from Being Abandon

A few months ago when my younger sister went to see one of the management for the volleyball tournament in our barangay which is a distant relative to confirm when will be their next game and when she went home she has three white kittens in a plastic basket.

It turns while she was asking confirming for the game schedule she saw the kittens playing and blurted out that they are cute and that’s where she was told if she want them because they will throw them in a few days and since we are looking for a white kitten to the extinct that we run after the homeless white cats in the public market my sister took them home without hesitation.

When my mother saw the kitties as usual she complained for having too many cats already at home, we already have ten cats and now there is another three but when I bathed them she was the first one who babies them.   My sister says that they are all four white kitties but the fourth one hid under the chairs and they can’t catch it so she was told to take it next time.

After a few days my sister return to their house to get the fourth kitten, contrary what she had told us that the last kitty was small and isn’t cute at all. The fourth kitty is a biggest, the chubbiest one and the cutest of them all because of his blue eyes and I named him Rueh.

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Legs Swelling and High Sodium Intake, Urinary Tract Infection

There is a day I don’t feel well, either I have headache or my hands and legs get swollen.  There are times to my blood pressure isn’t normal especially my diastolic pressure. It was been long that I was urge by my mother to get a medical test to check if  there is something wrong with my health, it was also advised by the village nurse so when my father had his medical tests done I did too.

My blood test was normal, my sugar and uric wasn’t high, my kidney is healthy but my urinalysis isn’t good I have a urinary tract infection I guess from holding on to my pee at night was too lazy to get up and use the bathroom,  or is from eating dirty food?  I love eating street foods if you may ask. The doctor prescribed a three day antibiotic for me to take which made me to drink too often, I don’t drink that much before because it is burdensome to always use the bathroom.

[Waiting for the doctor to arrive, the clinic was too small you can literally hear why the patient see a doctor]

Anyway, since my kidney test is good. There was nothing wrong with me I just need to reduce my salt intake because it turns out too much sodium in the body can cause swelling and can cause the heart to work harder I guess that’s why my diastolic pressure is higher than normal, and why I am suffering from frequent headache. I have found out that overtime increase of sodium intake can put too much stress into the heart which can lead to stroke or heart failure.

If our body has quota for sodium levels, I think my body had reached its quota. I have been eating unhealthy food for many years with J, like pizza, fried chicken, salty chips and instant noodles then when I went home I did the same, eating salty foods like instant noodles, salty chips and peanuts. Instant noodles are cheap and easy to prepare so it is the easiest way for me to fill my empty stomach when hungry.

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Feeling Bad for Being Snobbish and Rude at Times

We have different character and different approached to people. I am type of person who is snobbish and doesn’t really smile unless I know you; I won’t really open a conversation unless you open first. Just like an old crazy genius had told me a long time ago I am type of person who doesn’t trust at first sight, he said I observed first before speaking to someone and once I am being comfortable I easily trust and I am being too talkative. He was able to blurted it out when my classmates and I saw him in the public park;  he is known for being a walking encyclopaedia . As young students who can’t even memorized all the lessons at school my friends excitedly approached him and asked the scientific names of things on their mind. They all went amazed and asked so many things while I was just in the back looking at them and listening and that’s where he blurted out that I am different.

These past few days I am feeling bad for being rude and not socially inclined, like for not speaking a word when someone is talking at me or just nodding when someone asked me something. We cater photocopy at home with the use of a printer, $10 a month was already good since there we really don’t have a lot of customers just neighbors who are burdensome to go town to get one document to be photocopied.

One day while photocopying some music sheets for a church, I was asked by the customer if I was a COP student way back on college, I corrected it by saying Information Technology and then he blurted out that he was seeing me around back then (seeing in the school or maybe institute) instead of asking him what year he was or what was his course I just keep my mouth shut, yeah right I didn’t say a word nor continue a conversation.  When the customer was gone I have asked my sister if I did the right thing of not speaking, my sister chuckled on disbelief, she said I was too rude and so snobbish for not uttering any word.

Today it happens again, someone came to our house to have some documents to be photocopied. I was perplexed when she went inside our house with her slippers on; it was a strict rule inside our house not to bring our dirty slippers inside. Since I don’t feel good about it when she asked to sit in our chair instead of happily saying yes I just made a letter O sound and when she was gone I have asked my mother if I did the right thing or if I was being rude again. My mother didn’t answer me directly she just told me I should just let her with her slippers on since that’s how it works on their house and today my guilt is eating me again and can’t stop thinking about it, thinking that I am being too rude again to people.

Am I really rude?

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Father’s Day and Birthday Dinner at Orient’s Cuisine

Growing up we doesn’t really celebrate birthdays and holidays because it was a luxury we can’t afford. Well, to celebrate my father and sister’s birthday we decided to have a dinner at Orient’s Cuisine, it was perfect because it was also Father’s Day so it was triple celebration in one shot.

The restaurant wasn’t that spacious, when we arrived the only vacant table was the table in the corner facing the wall,  we are told they have also table upstairs, we choose to eat downstairs after one larger table was vacated by the other diners who already finishes their meal.

The owner was very friendly and accommodating, when the food we would like to order isn’t available she will suggest food that she thinks we are going to love and enjoy. While waiting for our order, we did numerous selfies to entertain ourselves. My father was given a pen with father’s day card/note as well as a complimentary mango pudding that were just eaten by us, instead of him.

We ordered their chow fan meals, pork tonkatsu for us and breaded fish for my mother, I have also ordered their birthday noodles which is just perfect for the occasion we are celebrating, a bowl of soup, two sets of pork siomai, buttered chicken and a shake which I have only remember to take a photo when it is already half-empty. Their chow fan meals has unlimited chow fan rice in celebration of father’s day.

Our orders were served after 40 minutes, we are informed instantly how long our food to be cooked unlike in few restaurant we have eaten at already, they will let us wait until our eyeballs turned white in hunger (lol).

The food at Orient’s Cuisine is undoubtedly fresh, tasty at a cheaper price, we have ordered and eaten a lot but we only have to pay less amount that we are able to order fish cracker as take-out and bring home the food that we couldn’t finished since our tummy were full already.

If you are looking for an Asian Fusion Restaurant, Orient’s Cuisine is what you need. You don’t need to burn your pockets just to eat Filipino, Singaporean, Japanese and Vietnamese style dishes.  The restaurant was just beside Never Naked Laundry Shop across the old internet shop “Blue Dimension”.

Orient’s Cuisine
Brgy. Liwanag, Odiongan, Romblon
Phone: 0915 225 6877

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.

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Short Visit at the Sunflower Farm in San Andres

Nothing much happening around, my health is deteriorating and I am struggling to be normal. Anyway, I don’t want to talk about it because it seems this blog is going to be a health blog soon.

My sister have been bugging me to see the sunflower farm at the nearby town, we have planned to see it for almost a month already but we keep postponing to see it so when we had a chance we finally did, we are not able to tagged along my father because he work even on Sundays just to get by, he is actually been complaining of being tired but what else he can do he have to feed me (lol).

The sunflower farm located in San Andres wasn’t that hard to find, the entrance fee cost P30.00 which is less than a dollar if you had it converted. My sister was all excited when I am a bit disappointed, it wasn’t that great as it was seems to be maybe because it was summer and the flowers wasn’t that huge or maybe because I have seen sunflower bigger and beautiful than from the farm or I guess nothing excites me anymore?

Anyway, my mother seems more excited seeing ripe papayas on sale for a cheaper price in the entrance of the Sunflower farm than wandering around the sunflower beds, she actually doesn’t want to look around if we didn’t told her that it was a waste not to consume her entrance fee. Well, she wandered a bit and then asked if she could sit and the next thing we knew she was already sitting near the booth where cheap papaya fruit were sold.

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Accident and First Aid Kit at Home

Many parents says raising a child is hard but for me raising a parent is harder. No matter how many times you told your mother that she is not allowed to eat this and that, and not to do this and that. It is to no avail she will eat and do what she want so yesterday she fell and slid in our stairs. Good thing she didn’t hit her head and broke only a toe nails and since my father brought the first-aid kit to work I practically chew young moringa leaves so I could stop the bleeding in her feet.

So this is what I got on my shopping bag last night, petroleum jelly to treat minor burns, antibacterial ointment for cuts and wounds, pau liniment for muscle and back pains (she need to get a massage now since she is complaining of sore body), betadine to treat fresh wounds, basically they are all for first aid. There goes a part of my funds for Saturday, I am planning to visit a diagnostic center on the weekend to have a medical check-up eh but I guess my health can wait. 💉

Oh well, my sister told our mother to be careful and not to let me jump out of my chair again, because I might die first before her due to high blood or shock on seeing her doing gymnast moves in the stairs.

Good thing my blood pressure is normal these days, thanks to regular intake of pineapple juice. 🍍

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Mother’s Day Dinner at Mac’s Chicken & Barbecue Haus

To celebrate mother’s day we decided to dine out and with my mother’s idea we ate dinner at  Mac’s Chicken & Barbecue Haus.  Well, their food catches my mother’s taste buds and she found their menu inexpensive. She couldn’t get used to their chicken barbecue as well as sour soup (we’ve been ordering take-out on their sour soup menu).  I have already disagree on her restaurant choice but since she’s paying and not me I didn’t win where to eat.

Unlike with our prior experience someone entertained us right away and because we knew the drill we seated in the four person table even though the whole place was empty (we are only four at this time my grandma wasn’t with us).  We had our order, we didn’t order much because it was not day time, my mother and I chooses their chicken barbecue again while my sister and our father chooses their pork barbecue.

Believed it or not, a server came to our table while we are waiting  for our order. She instructed us to move to another table, this time to a spacious one. Guess, in which table? Yes, it was on the table we are asked to vacate last time. It wasn’t a mere coincidence isn’t it?

This time, our orders was served to us in twenty minutes, my mother and I enjoyed our chicken but there is someone complaining that the meat he ordered is a bit hard to chew but as expected we ordered extra rice making us all full and contrary to last time I left tip on their tip jar,  %% of what we have eaten.

Mac’s Chicken & Barbecue Haus
Barangay Liwayway, Odiongan, Romblon
Facebook page –
Mobile No. – 0920 925 7284

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.

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Good Friday Dinner at BAIP’s Coffee Yard

Holy week, after watching the holy procession in town, we have decided to dine in at BAIP’s Coffee Yard located in the nearby barangay. The coffee yard is famous with their appetizing food and colorful milk shakes.

When we came in at the front area where there are about two-three tables, there was no server around and it seems the place is a bit full (they still have room at their inner side, but you can’t fully see it from the hallway),  someone who knew my father offer their table since he said they are about to finish. We don’t  know if we should just barge in without the servers knowing, because we might not be seen right away when the place is busy.

In most restaurants I have been too locally and abroad, most restaurant has an usherette who welcome and guide their customers where to sit (which is very helpful for first time customers who doesn’t know how the restaurant works like), and even if they doesn’t have one there is someone from the counter/servers who will do the job or very smarty to do so but I guess everyone is busy. Gladly, one server tending/bringing food into a customer’s table went out and she saw us stalling, she guided us to a vacant table which is just vacated at the back yard.  There are other two other families waiting for their meal when we arrived, we are given their huge menu board, when my mother saw the prices she feels like walking out (hahaha).

We ordered the BAIP’s Group Meal which consists of six rices, six pieces fried chicken, one sisig platter, one pancit and a mason drink for ₱795 (this group meal is actually good for six persons) and three jars of milkshakes (Chocoloco, Rocky Road and Oreo) for ₱145 each and since sweet drinks isn’t allowed for my mother she got Cherry Frozen Iced Tea ₱90 for herself.

The food was served in about thirty minutes right after our neighbor table got their food, as we can hear from them, they have been there for so long and their food wasn’t served yet too. Anyway, their food was great, the chicken were juicy and the pancit was flavorful, but their sisig is just in between and their milkshakes were worth trying for, they’re very stylish and decorative. We are quite full on our meal that my mother has to takeout out the leftover chicken, I guess the milkshakes made us full.

If you are looking for a good place which is out of Odiongan town, BAIP’s Coffee Yard is must visit. It is  located at Brgy. Poctoy, Odiongan Romblon just beside Poctoy Elementary School and Bracelli School. It started as a simple coffee shop in a yard, but as of today their coffee shop/restaurant  has been upgraded to bigger and larger food place that can accommodate more people, when we visited the second floor wasn’t in used.

BAIP’s Coffee Yard
Coffee Shop · Restaurant
Brgy. Poctoy, Odiongan, Romblon
Call 0936 968 0409
Hours Open: 2:00PM to 11:30PM

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.

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Tips on Rescuing a Puppy

A few years ago the video of Dyno’s expert engineers rescuing a week old puppy that had been accidentally flushed down a toilet and gotten stuck in the drainage system went viral.

The puppy’s distressed owner from North London had already called in the fire brigade and RSPCA, however neither was able help.  Luckily they had the dexterity of thought to contact the local operations manager at Dyno who had the expertise and quick thinking to launch a rescue mission.

Local engineer Will Craig rushed to the scene and immediately instructed the neighbours not to flush any toilets in order to make sure the puppy did not get pushed further in to the main sewer.  From there he had the idea of using Dyno-rod’s CCTV technology to discover exactly where within the drain network the pup had become stuck.

Dog, Volunteer, Pet, Animal, Responsibility, Rescue

[Photo courtesy of pixexid/]

Equipment was then used to push the puppy gently through to the closest manhole where a fireman was on hand to rescue him.

He has since been checked over by a local vet who remarkably declared him unhurt and healthy.  The pet’s female owner was concerned about the cost of this unorthodox call out, however the engineers at Dyno were happy to offer their services for free.  The local operations manager reassured the woman that there would not be any charge and their only concern was that puppy was kept alive and well.

This is a truly extraordinary video and highlights the need for animal safety within the home.  It is more common than you would think for small pets to inadvertently fall into the toilet bowl and the best general advice is to keep them well away from the bathroom.  Fortunately this story had a happy ending.

You can watch the video which has notched up over 500,000 hits on YouTube here.

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