Finding What is Lost and Returning Them to Its Rightful Place

What would you do if you find something that is lost? That something is what you really like and you already formed a bond with it, then suddenly the rightful owner comes along. Are you going to keep it or are you going to let go of it?

Keeping it might not be a bad idea, because you didn\’t steal it. It isn\’t your fault that the rightful owner isn\’t mindful of his pets, things and possessions, the owner probably just realized the importance of the object/animals when it is gone, but you as a person who also lost things/pets without finding them back, you know and understand the feeling of emptiness, so you will return that thing you found, no matter how you liked it, because you know in yourself, you will not be happy owning it when you know that someone is crying over it and who know maybe that thing you found, wanted to be reunited with its rightful owner as well, you may never know because animals/things can\’t speak, isn\’t it? All you need is closure and peace of mind that you didn\’t aggravate/hurt someone.

Anyway, on New Years eve one of my cats came home tagging along two cute kittens with her. My older cousin \’s daughter able to grab the smallest kitten and was handed to me, while the second one is scared and can\’t be caught. The kitten is starving so I feed her and when I woke up in the morning to check the kitten, in my surprised I found the second kitten sleeping with the first one, I fed them both with milk and food and bathed them both because they are dirty and full of lice.

It has been almost four days since the kittens were in my care, but I never heard anyone searching for them. I guess I can keep and love them, but honestly I am scared thinking that someone will take them from me anytime, but I know if someone look for them and wanted them back, I have to let go of these two cute kitties to their rightful owner.

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Year-End Party with The Clan

The clan held a year end party in the new year, this is my second time to attend it and I think it is the 3rd or 4th time it was done, it was rushed decision actually. It was just decided on Christmas day and a family meeting was made in the 27th to finalize it, after the practiced of the wedding entourage for my aunt\’s golden wedding celebration.

The year end program didn\’t start early because there was  a New Year\’s service at church which I have attended, but even if the service was finished the program didn\’t start right away since most of the members of the clans are not around yet, they are still taking their time off at their homes.


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As expected, the program started late and it was not properly prepared. The kids have an intermission number, literally they were just asked to dance by following what\’s on the screen and the adults were requested to have one as well, an aunt and two cousins did it to everyone\’s laughter, afterwards there was nothing else to do so games followed, I hosted three games after an older cousin hosted one, I have to encourage them big time to participate, then exchange gifts and then dinner follows.

Everyone was almost finished eating when 12 o\’clock strikes, my young cousins had fun playing with fire crackers, sky rockets and fireworks, then someone in the village had a firework display to everyone\’s excitement. Then everyone started to go home when one o\’clock in the morning came, there are few who are left who sing videoke and karaoke.  My sister, few of my cousins and I were left, my sister and I cannot sleep yet because our sound system were outside, they were the one used for the clan\’s year end party.

It was almost four o\’clock in the morning when I finally able to sleep, and after 2 hours and half, I am already awake to start my first day of 2019.

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Attending My Aunt and Uncle\’s Golden Wedding Anniversary Party

Wedding anniversary is one of the joyous occasion for married couple, it was the time where they have look back at their wedding day and the years that had passed by. The golden anniversary is one of the most celebrated wedding anniversaries, by both the married couple themselves and by their friends and family. Most married couple has their own story to tell, they have their own little dramas, obstacles, problems and happiness.

Only few had ever reach the so called \”Golden Wedding Anniversary\” since most marriage today end up with break-ups and divorce.  Most couple today were easy to give up with each other, they easily get tired of constant nagging from the wife or husband, they made small issues larger, they were easy to get hurt and collect resentments, they let their pride took toll and both speak at the same time without listening and understanding what other has to say, without knowing and accepting each other\’s weaknesses and fears, they grow apart rather than together.


Anyway, the other day my eldest aunt and her husband celebrated their \”50th wedding anniversary\” or what they called Golden Wedding Anniversary,  their kids planned renewal of vows and party for them. Their marriage isn\’t perfect, they fought like crazy as witness of their union says, like there comes a time my furious aunt almost cut her husband\’s arm with a rusty bolo, that made my uncle do a trip to the hospital, so it was astonishing that they reached 50 years together, either they really love each other or both of them became delusional and just look at the positive traits of each other rather than looking at their negative traits and weaknesses.


The wedding ceremony was held at Lyns Fern Garden as well as the reception to save time, effort and money in decorating the church. It was a successful event attended by relatives, friends and workmates of the celebrators.  I was primarily requested by my cousin to be the photographer of the event, but I declined because my DSLR camera is acting up or the mirror seems broken, it produces white blank images when shooting especially during the day. It was my long goal to buy a new one, but it seems the more you dream for something, the more it became elusive.

Well, I wore the red shoes on the said event after much deliberation on what to wear. I shopped those shoes on my cousins wedding, two years ago but I didn\’t end up wearing them. The wedding ceremony was done like how the normal wedding was done except there are no cord and veil ceremony anymore,  after which, dinner was served.

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Old Shopping Haul – What Shoes Should I Wear?

Shopping for me is like a therapy, I have shopped a lot two years ago from dresses to shoes. I have never wore most of them, I have been contented keeping them and when it is time for me to use them, the shoes were not in great condition anymore, especially shoes/sandals from Natasha, the materials were stripping. I have used them only once and I already let them collect dust, since they were not in good condition anymore. My sister then had told me, that is how the brand work. The less you used them, the more they deemed unusable, but the more you wear them, the more the materials became elastic and strong.

Tomorrow will be my eldest aunt and her husband\’s  50th wedding anniversary, they will have renewal of vows and party and everyone is obliged to wear dresses and be glam if possible.

So to speak, I have to dig my closet for shoes to wear, I have bought a few from Zalora two years ago, they are a bit expensive but worth it. I have never wore them, but they are still in good condition and just need some cleaning as they collect dust after being keep for a long time.

Since, it is golden wedding anniversary the theme for tomorrow is golden yellow. I have tried a bridesmaid dress and I look like a pig in it.

Well, I cannot decide on what shoes to wear, I prefer the red one and my sister likes it too, but my mother disapproves it.

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Christmas Gifts from Friends and Relatives

There was a short drama last Christmas eve that disturbed the celebration, someone short-circuited after drinking too much, went emotional and flared up. Instead of feeling happy that time, we have been busy looking after my mother who had a panic attacked, I went too nervous and scared.

Anyway, as I looked back on Christmas day it wasn\’t bad after all.  Contrary to other Christmases where I bought myself, my own gifts, I have received gifts from friends and relatives, not just one but three gifts.

It was on the 23rd when we are eating dinner when someone call out my name to buy ice pack, I was a bit disturbed because it was me who has to go outside when I am not near the door since it was me who is called, before I can even frown at  the person outside (lol), she handed me two packs of something into my surprise (a special barquiron and Ube Piaya) which is two of my favorite PH native delicacies, was told it was for me which made me too thankful.  It was an unexpected gift from a second cousin\’s wife, because were really not too close.

On Christmas day, my sister\’s bf came home with three Toblerone\’s in hand after being outside.  One of them was given to me, it turns out, our youngest aunt gave it to him for us. I always feel happy and joyful every time I received Toblerone on Christmas day because it reminds me of the time where it was just a dream for the little me.  When I was a kid, I have wished to receive Toblerone too on Christmas day when another kid got it as a white gift from his relatives one Christmas night. During those times Toblerone had been just for rich kid/families and for a dirt poor like us, all we can afford is the cheap chocolates in the store (lol).

Anyway, it is not a secret that I love chocolates and cats, but only few people know that I love collecting pens and notebooks, most of my money in Korea were spent in Watsons and yep Daiso, that is why half of my junks in Korea where notebooks, booklets and art materials.  That is why I am so ecstatic when a friend and his little son handed me a notebook journal as a Christmas gift.

Honestly, I seldom received gifts from other people and I think it is the first time I received a Christmas gift from friends and with that thank you so much!

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