Hanging Out at Crazy Ground Snack Bar After School

It was almost three weeks since my last update on this blog, life have been so busy for me in school. Quizzes, assignments, diagnostic test and then mid-term examination which is supposedly scheduled this week, but with the busy schedule of the faculty it will be move next week.

We didn\’t have a class yesterday, our instructor was exhausted from traveling out of town just to be a member of the panel for the pre-service teachers, so I and two of my friends decided to eat out. We\’ve been asking each other where to eat, then I remember the newly opened comfort food restaurant/snack bar in Odiongan called Crazy Ground so we went in there to try it, it was a perfect place to hang-out because I am feeling crazy yesterday after a short talk with one of our instructors, my sensitivity and over thinking collides.

Crazy Ground was house at the closed Orient Cuisine restaurant, I thought it was owned by different person, but upon going in, I have found out that Crazy Ground and the closed Orient Cuisine has the same owner. As I remember before Crazy Ground opens, Orient Cuisine was looking for a cook, maybe they didn\’t find one so they venture to a new one, well my speculation might be wrong.

Crazy Ground is perfect for students alike or people trying to eat budget food since it wasn\’t that costly. We have ordered their Tuna Carbonara ₱85 and Oreo Blast Milk tea ₱70 and Crazy Ground Special ₱65 for one friend. Our milk tea was served within 15 minutes and the carbonara follow after 4 minutes. The milk tea was good but would be nice if it is a little more cooler, the pasta was good as well, it is savory.

Crazy Ground serves different type of snacks according to your liking or taste bud, they have chips, burgers, potatoes, street food platters, milk teas, hot drinks and rice meals.

M.L. Quezon Street, Brgy. Liwanag, Odiongan, Romblon
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrAzyGrouNdSnackBar/
Phone: 567-6310
Opens at 2:30PM

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.


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The Teaching Profession: Talk Show Presentation of What is a Great Teacher?

It was before Christmas vacation when we are given a group task in one of our subject in school, to be presented the next year when class resumed.  We all procrastinated, we really didn\’t do preparation until the day it has to be presented. The task is we have to create acronyms for the word \”Great Teacher\” and do a presentation about it. We already have rough draft on what to do we decided to do a talk show, but less than two hours before our class we revised the content of our talk show.

A talk show will not be a talk show without a host, and as expected I was appointed to be the host.  It was my first time doing it, our talk show runs about inviting my elementary teacher whom also celebrating her 80th birthday (play by an older classmate) who made a great impact in my life during my elementary days, and I have also invited some of her former pupils (other group mates) to wish her happy birthday and leave messages, tell stories based on the acronym we made with the word \”Great Teacher\”.

Our presentation started by someone creating an intro, and when it is my turn I was mental blocked at first, not knowing what to say next. It was an impromptu acting which mean it is unscripted, when I started speaking and moving I lost all my pretensions and I ate not just the floor, but almost the whole time of our class leaving a little time to the next presenter (lol), our teacher even complained that we almost eat up all the memory of his phone and it literally heated up, he recorded a video of every presentation eh. I was told by a group mate to avoid speaking English all the time, because our other group mates were feeling nervous, but I know I can\’t do it, if I started speaking Tagalog, I will forgetting my act and what to say.

Anyway, our group presented these acronyms for Great Teacher;  Giving, Reinforcer, Encourager, Advance Thinker, Tenacious, Trustworthy, Engaging, Appreciative, Committed, Humble, Endearing and Respectful.

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First Irony of the New Year

It is the new year, I have told my sister that I will start losing weight this year. She chuckled and said, you will gain more weight, it is year of the pig! (lol).

The class has resumed yesterday, I have been busy these past few days making  assignments and between making an assignment, I am tweaking my WordPress Themes in this blog, as you can notice my theme is now a bit smaller, I have removed the other sidebar to make my blog mobile-friendly.  The first assignment was given before the holiday vacation, but I just work with it. Blame it to my mañana habit or to my procrastinating self, I have enjoyed the holiday slacking off at home, sleeping and reading lots of things, well I think even my friends at school did the same.


[Photo courtesy of StartupStockPhotos/pixabay.com]

It was a good thing we had no class yesterday, we are just told to submit our assignment and we can go home and that\’s where a friend had asked me if I have already heard what had happened to one of our friends, it turns out a scandal broke online which I am not aware because I abstained from using social media these past few days.  I was shocked, in-disbelief, sad on what I have heard. I can\’t imagine my friend\’s pain and depression, I have sent her messages and told her to be strong, not to overthink and I am just around if she needs someone to talk with, but she remained silent, send short responses and sorry, she might not be ready yet to face the world. It was also this time of the year when I deactivated my Facebook years ago and it was also time of the year when her world turn gray and dull, that shocked all of us, it is ironic that when I am not around online in social media something depressing happened to her.

I was sad because I have told her many times to find a nice guy, and not to pick someone like picking a hammer that she will use to hit her own head at the end, to find a guy that will be able to accept her and her kids, someone free and no attachment, but I guess she didn\’t listen. I hope she will remain strong for her kids and family and I hope she will be able to talk to us freely one day and be able to smile and laugh again.

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January is an Expensive Month of the Year for Business Owners

The month of January, is the most expensive month for me and maybe for many business owners.   It is the month where I have to renew my motorcycle license, business permit and license, pay the last quarter of percentage tax and pay the income tax.  My mother had told me not to renew the business license anymore, because it isn\’t doing well after all the dealers failed to pay their dues, my biggest dealer had lost it.   I told her I can\’t because it will be a lot of work to close it in the tax office.

My aunt and the other people who owned small stores in the neighborhood have been busy getting business permits these days, while the others are wondering how to get it since their business income isn\’t sufficient, it turns out the store owners were asked to get licenses, register at tax office and get business certificates after they were called in the barangay a few weeks ago for a meeting, my mother had not told me about the meeting, because she said I already have complete permits.


[Photo courtesy of jarmoluk/pixabay.com]

Today, even a small store needs a permit to do a business. Well,  I am not yet working with the renewals, maybe next week when I collected all my shackles, I have asked payment from a dealer the other day, but she just waved her hand, saying that she has no money to pay (epic). The other one had promised to pay before Christmas, but New Year had passed I am not seeing her shadow yet,  the other dealer I brought to barangay court didn\’t show up anymore after paying partially, with this problems, I stopped transacting with dealers and just let my mother accept orders from our neighbors, I will do business again when everything is settled.

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Dream of Glass Rooms, Cooking in a Firewood Stove and Yellow Turd

Whenever I dreamed during the night I tend to forget that dream in the morning, that\’s why I seldom wrote and blog about dreams in this blog. My dream last night was so vivid that I am able to remember it,  I found myself in a distant neighbor\’s house which is also a distant relative, it looks like it wasn\’t only me who was there.  There are other women from the church in the house, but I have arrived late so I was left outside. Instead of following them through the wooden door, I was left outside wandering about the relative\’s house, it looks so small but it is quite big with a lot of rooms made of glass, that no matter which side I go and look, all I can see were glass doors and rooms. Since the room is made of glass, I can literally see what is inside the room, but one room is very particular in my dream where I have seen what is inside, decors, bed and the bedding,  saw it twice while wondering how is it possible for a small house to have  a lot of room.


[Photo courtesy of Masson-Wintergarten/pixabay.com]

Then my dream hopped seeing myself cooking on a large wok in the fire wood stove, it looks like I am still in the relative\’s yard, backyard, presumably and I am cooking for  the women inside the house, then suddenly a cousin wearing a sad face came and sat in the vacant chair, I have asked him something, like if the people inside the house were not finished yet.


[Photo courtesy of Trinck/pixabay.com]

My dream hopped again, seeing myself in the street just above a stone stairs (it looks like I am going to the house under the street/stairs), talking to an Uncle wearing a yellow shirt. In my dream I am telling myself that his wife, my aunt already passed away, as I look down the stairs I saw a yellow poop. I was told by my uncle that another uncle had collapsed and lost consciousness because of stroke and my dream ended as I woke up feeling so cold.

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