Shopping for Groceries at Kim’s Club Mart

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Nothing new around me aside from wishing to lose weight, the other day my husband shop for our daily supplies as we run out of rice. He want to buy 10kg of rice as he don’t like carrying a big sack but when I found out that the 10kg of rice is same price of the 20kg I insist of buying it. He agreed in one condition I am going to be the one who will carry the rice without thinking I said yes despite that Kim’s Mart is quite far from our place, the money that we are going to save is the only thing matters to me.

After shopping for other stuff and paying into the counter, I asked him to put the rice on my head. Oh well, maybe he felt embarrassed to other people that he is the man and I am the one who will carry the rice he told me that he will carry it. So the result I carried three large bags and it took me forever to go home. Lol! I am just carrying less than 10kg what if I ended up carrying the 20kg of rice I might roll in the street just to go home. Silly me!

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