Hotteok and Gukwha-ppang

My husband was craving for hotteok a while ago, so I went out to buy some, but the restaurant that also sells street food has no more hotteok left so I went to the public market. Just so lucky that the old woman where we bought our first taste of hotteok was there so I ordered eight pieces, it turns out that the old mixture is only good for five pieces and I thought nothing has left, but my guess was wrong, she opened an ice box and get a big bag of hotteok mix so I added more two on my order that makes it ten pieces.

Hotteok is a variety of filled Korean pancakes, and is a popular street food in South Korea. It is usually eaten during the winter season. According to what I read, the dough for hotteok is made from wheat flour, water, milk, sugar, and yeast. The dough is allowed to rise for several hours. Handful-sized balls of this stiff dough are filled with a sweet mixture, which may contain brown sugar, honey, chopped peanuts, and cinnamon. The filled dough is then placed on a greased griddle, and pressed flat into a large circle with a special tool with a stainless steel circle and wooden handle as it cooks.

The first set of hotteok has a yellow though, and the second set is green. While she is cooking the hotteok, one local man came and says something while pointing to one stove, then the old woman started to pack the flower-shaped bread and set it aside on the table on her back and then she also packed the first set of hotteok.

Another customer came and order two hotteok, and after few minutes the man came back to claim his order it turns out he shopped for a while, so the old woman gave his order to him. When the last set of my order was cooked, she packed them in a separate plastic bag, I pay and she handed them to me.

I immediately put the plastic bag on my shoulder bag, says thank you and bid goodbye. Then I went to Daiso, buy something and went home.

When I reached home my husband excitedly open the plastic bag and he was surprised to see something not just hotteok, I was surprised too. A realization came that the other set of hotteok was switched to the not so old man’s order. Oh well, instead of returning the flower-shaped bread we decided to try it. Dunno if the man returns to the woman when he found out that his order was switched.

According to what I read this flower-shaped bread is called Gukwha-ppang and very similar to Bungeo-ppang it is made of sweet bean inside a light, pancake like batter. Like Bungeo-ppang, it requires a heavy, dimpled pan to cook, and you can often see Gukwha-ppang cooked in the street.

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How My Husband and I Celebrated My Birthday

Today is my birthday but my husband and I celebrated it in advance. We started it last Friday, he cooked macaroni spaghetti for me. Yes you heard it right he is the chef of the day, he added black olives and ground Cajun sausage.

Then when it is cooked we went out to buy cake, mozzarella cheese and some pastries. We  went to Paris Baguette and I choose milk chocolate cake to have a change. I always choose chocolate cake on my previous birthday celebration eh, so this time still chocolate cake but with milk., Haha

Paris Baguette Chocolate Cake

On the next day we headed to Popeyes to order chicken and biscuits, we didn’t make it on the previous night because we are too full, so we have two days celebration. While we are waiting for our order we walked around the supermarket and bought a spreadable butter.

Then we had a competition who’s going to arrive in Paris Baguette first, we took different route with an agreement nobody will run just to win. Well I arrived in Paris Baguette first without running because I just walk straight unlike him he needs to walk around.

We bought profiterole and baguette from Paris Baguette and few more pastries. My husband says when we are already outside the door of the bakery,  the store clerk might think we are pigs, because the other night we just bought a cake and pastries and that night we bought more pastries.

Just want to say thank you for all the greetings, and to the person (J) who made a long week celebration of my birthday, thank you very much.

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Shopping for Cake Breads and Potato Chips

My Goal is to Loss Weight so after gym yesterday I weigh myself again and to my depression instead of losing weight I am gaining, Pookie bear says it is because of my diet.  He laughed at me after knowing my weight because I laughed at him when to told me he loss 2 pounds.

Korean Cake Breads

I have told him I am gonna loss 5 kilos in one month (lol), anyway as it is are cheat day yesterday we went to Nong Hyup instead to Kim’s Club Mart where we usually goes during Friday. My goal of losing weight already forgotten, I grab few cakes (bread) and potato chips. So wish me luck girls, I already slowly dropped eating chocolates and as of now I am craving for ice cream but being penniless stopped my craving and Pookie bear seems helping me 🙁

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Apple and Red Bean Pie from Kim’s Club Mart

Friday is our cheat day, so here’s my treat for the day Apple and Red Bean pie we bought in the bakeshop inside Kim’s Club Mart.

I partner it with hot choco from Family Mart. Yum!

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Assorted Korean Donuts

Here’s a serving of donuts, I love these donuts because they are so sweet and in different flavor too,  the bigger one is like a sandwich donut with meat, onion, garlic and mayonnaise,  the other one is a red bean donut and of course my favorite, I don’t know donut (lol), because I don’t know what’s inside it is white paste and I like it.

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Is it a Pudding or Not?

Simple things are being complicated when Pookie bear and I don’t agree with each other, we went to Kim’s Club Mart on Friday night, yes we are shopping in two super market and the dove body wash is in the other store. Anyway we bought two package of bulgogi for our grilled party (lol). I also bought bread for me, I choose these bread cake below, I called it pudding but Pookie bear don’t agree with me. He said it is not, it is baked that way, he don’t believed me when I told him it is really a pudding and it is made of old bread.  He said it is like a date loaf with raisins, the bread is all eaten but we are still consistent with our own belief.

Maybe we should ask the bakeshop so we’re going to agree to each other what is the name of this bread, which is impossible because I can’t imagine  how to explain it in the air that I am asking for the name of this bread.

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