Pork Adobo with Potato Overload

Feel so busy today, I cooked my pork adobo. You might be startled why I feel so busy when I am just going to cook meals, Pookie bear eat different meal as he is always on diet during weekdays, so I have two cook three times for him and same with me.  It would be so easy if I can just cooked once  or twice but its not especially Pookie bear’s last meal at night is kind of tiring to cook, Kimchi Fried rice or Kimchi Eggs. More tiring last few months because I have to cook the two meal at night.

So tonight I have cooked my pork adobo I put a lot of potatoes because I like potatoes so much, I only used small drop of sauce on my rice  if you are startled why it doesn’t looks like adobo. Hopefully this viand will last until tomorrow evening so I am not going to fried eggs or anything for me. Haha,

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Busy Weekend – Grilled Bulgogi

There are times I am asking myself where I am got wrong err what I mean why feel so darn lazy to post something here, maybe because I have nothing to write, writer’s block? I think mental block is more appropriate because I think I am going crazy, hahaha! Joke only,  anyway we had another grilled party last night don’t expect too much because it is just Pookie bear and me, while I am busy in front of our electric grill someone is having  a pretty life in front of his computer and keep asking me if I am not done yet and so on, demanding huh?

As a result our apartment stinks again, well  my duty is not done yet by grilling the bulgogi, laundry is waiting and a pot of rice need to be cook.  It’s  a busy night while I am mending my stomach cramps, the good thing is after I am done I can asked him whatever I like to eat, like making a sandwich for me and please a glass of water too.  Haha, just give and take. Well it is not yet over, I have to run to the nearest GS 25 for chocolates, just glad that  he don’t ate it all there are some left just for me.,

We did not shop yet so I don’t have yet the other kind of Dove Moisture Body Wash, he is giving me money but I feel lazy and cold to go out.

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