Finally A Real Plumber Arrived!

Well finally our toilet was fixed, a real plumber came and used a toilet auger to removed the stuck tooth brush, I did not see it though because I run to the nearest bank here in our place to withdraw if ever we need more money to pay the plumber. When I returned home the plumber’s truck is not in the front of the apartment anymore, so I when I went inside our apartment someone is having  a cool time surfing the net without cleaning or removing the said toothbrush in the bathroom floor. Pookie bear’s co-teacher was the one who called the plumber, I think she look online for a plumber. The guy who first came here its not really  a real plumber but a tile installer, I mean his business is tiles. He is a friend of our landlord so they gave him the business and maybe he is the one who installed tiles in this apartment. Anyway Pookie bear’s co teacher also got the money we payed to the first guy, so what I owed to Pookie bear is 2 weeks and half of my allowance. I made a bargain with him if it is fine just to make it two weeks and he said yes, but I make a deal again what if he just deduct half  in on my allowance every week.  Then he replied its fine, 5 weeks.

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When he returned to school for his next class, I went to the bank to pay bills and I could say I can pay my bills alone now using the machine, because the last time I pay I have to ask the woman at my back what’s next by pointing the screen to her. So on next month I am not going to disturb the guy in the information counter. If you don’t yet I am very happy that I finally established a communication my aunt and cousins in Germany,  my cousins are already teenager except for the younger who is eight years old if I am not mistaken. I just saw them on pic when they are a toddler and I am in Elementary., and since then we have no communication with them.So as I feel happy and relieved I decided to enjoy  and treat myself by shopping some small stuff for me. Love my new little  teddy bear..hehe

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Wanted Plumber, A Real Plumber!

Well it seems our toilet will be plugged for a long time or maybe forever after I accidentally dropped my toothbrush in it, the plumber insist its fine and he don’t think the toilet needs to be open, lol. He also said we have two choices, to get the money back from him but we have to go to their office which is we both don’t know where is it, or he is going to return in our apartment the next time the toilet is plugged. So does it mean he is going to come here everyday after we sit in our throne? Anyway what he didn’t understand is the toothbrush needs to be removed in the toilet, because it is stuck in the curve pipe.

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So my husband get annoyed not just to me but to the plumber and to his co-teacher as well. Right now he is contacting Dad asking if he can come here in Korea if he will shoulder his air fare just  to unplugged the toilet here, I don’t know if he is serious but that’s what I read  on what he is typing right now, nosy me. I wonder how much does it cost, from Canada to Korea so might not be serious because if he is I am going to be in a shit hole. I might not have allowance for five years or more considering the amount of allowance I received from him weekly, which is just for chocolate treats. So sad!

So right now we need  a plumber, a real plumber! Haist if we are just in Philippines, any person can do this as long as you are willing to pay. It is cheap too $6-7 a day., so I suggest to Pookie bear maybe we don’t need a plumber, a laborer will do because my father can also fixed our plugged toilet and he is not a plumber.

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