Busy Tweaking Images for Blog Themes

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Hi guys, so sorry if I am not updating here lately. I am so busy these past few days and I seldom update blog nor open Facebook and my email account, we are heading to Mongolia this Friday that’s why I need to tweak all the images that I can tweak before we left as my Adobe trial is expiring soon. So I stopped tweaking or doing some makeover for a while I will continue on August after our vacation,  I am eyeing on preparing a schedule posts, so another task I have to make before Friday comes.

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[Photo courtesy of FirmBee/pixabay.com]

Well, I cooked chicken tid bits a while ago I mean chicken breast that cut into pieces but someone took my place in the kitchen as he gets annoyed because I didn’t follow his instructions as he said , that is to cut the chicken to small pieces, smaller pieces to him is more smaller than I did, haha.  Better luck next time!

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  1. chubskulit says:

    Enjoy your vacay Rhe, wow Mongolia.. Sama ko please?

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