Shopping: Naughty Cat Earrings and Accessories

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As I have blogged yesterday I went out to buy iron supplements for me, before buying it I’ve seen a newly open store where there’s a lot of Korean girl’s in chaos. So after I went to the pharmacy I went inside the store, oh well the store looks  like Redeye where the primary products are earrings, hair accessories, key chains and other small accessories. I took a little  basket and I also look around like others, its kind of busy and there’s really a lot of girls, grown up and even primary students busy on choosing key chains maybe for their bags. I don’t think they already appreciate bangle earrings eh, so they are on key chain stands which are made in different shapes, animals and cartoons.

A feeling of luxury and the pursuit of cuteness accessories – Naughty Cat

The store has no counter yet, the guy was just standing in a tall chair with a head microphone and speaking something on their language, and usual I am into earrings even though I can’t used them as we don’t always go out, aside from taking sight seeing plus it is also very unfashionable to wear long earrings and you are wearing pants, t-shirt and rubber shoes. Hehe, So I just bought them to keep or somehow for my sister or else it can be a good business for my mother to sell few Korean accessories, and I am going to save for that. Hehe

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6 Responses to “Shopping: Naughty Cat Earrings and Accessories”

  1. anne says:

    wow thats so girlie sis, I am sure your sister will love them hehehe

  2. Rechie says:

    wow..ang gaganda ng earring.. nkapathoughtful mo naman to buy for ur sis and for ur mom's business someday. tama nga yan's awkward to wear those long and big earrings pag nka-rubber shoes

  3. Mona says:

    Ang cute i agree with anne its girlie and your right it can be a good business

  4. Elaine says:

    Ahh!!! I went to that store this summer!! It was relatively cheap and very girly xD Thanks for posting this! It brings back memories of my student exchange to Korea !!

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