Shopping: Naughty Cat Earrings and Accessories

As I have blogged yesterday I went out to buy iron supplements for me, before buying it I’ve seen a newly open store where there’s a lot of Korean girl’s in chaos. So after I went to the pharmacy I went inside the store, oh well the store looks  like Redeye where the primary products are earrings, hair accessories, key chains and other small accessories. I took a little  basket and I also look around like others, its kind of busy and there’s really a lot of girls, grown up and even primary students busy on choosing key chains maybe for their bags. I don’t think they already appreciate bangle earrings eh, so they are on key chain stands which are made in different shapes, animals and cartoons.

A feeling of luxury and the pursuit of cuteness accessories – Naughty Cat

The store has no counter yet, the guy was just standing in a tall chair with a head microphone and speaking something on their language, and usual I am into earrings even though I can’t used them as we don’t always go out, aside from taking sight seeing plus it is also very unfashionable to wear long earrings and you are wearing pants, t-shirt and rubber shoes. Hehe, So I just bought them to keep or somehow for my sister or else it can be a good business for my mother to sell few Korean accessories, and I am going to save for that. Hehe

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