Korean Street Food: Sweet Corn

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I am not active in blogosphere lately,  sort of busy and I have nothing to post, the ironic thing is when I am out of blogging world I have so many ideas on my mind to blog but once I log-in and plan to blog, nothing is left. Either I am empty on idea or it feels like it is worthless to share or to blog.

Jezz, few days ago I am craving for corn because it was a long time ago since I ate corn. I am craving because I always see corn in the food place near the gym so one day I bought  one packed for 3,000 won about 3 dollars maybe, imagine how expensive is it, in Philippines I can buy a bunch of corn with that money but the fact I am not in the Philippines  I have to eat the corn to the fullest..Haha!

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3 Responses to “Korean Street Food: Sweet Corn”

  1. reese says:

    oo nga, ang mahal ng corn diyan…

  2. kat says:

    pahingi naman ng corn RyHeanne hehhe

  3. silvergirl says:

    dami now dito sa pinas at mura lang

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